My abusive grandma keeps hitting my cat

Hello everyone, I’m Du, i have a pet cat named Green Pea, she’s a stray bc her mom left her when she was a kitten in my garage. I love her more than anything and so happy bc she’s my first pet cat. But I live in an abusive asian family house so my mom and grandma hates my cat so much. My grandma won’t let her in the house and when she sees me petting her she would get mad out of nowhere and curses us out loud. Lately it got worse, she hit and kicked Pea even when she didn’t come close to our door way. I hate my grandma but i can’t move out yet, is there any spell to stop this behavior without harm? I just want her to love Pea and stop treating pet like an object for her to put her anger on, thank you.


I think charm your enemy or silence the cruel from Ben Woodcroft Angelic Protection Magic would work. Both are aimed at stopping hurtful behaviors without cursing the person or causing more upset.

Alternatively if your open to working with servitors I recommend:

Ask her to protect the cat.

You could also use:

I’d be careful with this though as it’s clearly adverse to her natural thinking. I would use words like you don’t mind pea rather than you love her or something dramatic.


People are mean to cats. Especially those who misunderstand a truly free spirit such as our feline friends and family.

Cats are great companions and family members. I value my cats and would spill blood and die for them. They are great at keeping evil at bay, keeping bad spirits away and chasing out that evil which tries to enter the home. I have lived with cats all of my life and cannot gain an affinity toward any other animal.

I do not know how far you would like to take this, but you can call to Lucifer and ask him to change their minds toward your beloved Pea (cute name, by the way) the way I have in the past, or ask for destruction (not recommended against family). Lucifer has always helped to me “help” others change their views and behaviors. Maybe He can help you as well.

In the meantime, do your very best to protect Green Pea from those who would harm her.

I will add her and you to my daily asking to Lucifer if you wish. Not for anything destructive, but for positive changes and outcomes. But not without your blessing in doing so.

Good luck. I hope this is resolved quickly.


thank you so much, this is so helpful, i will try it out❤️


thank you for your help, cats truly are the best, I can’t imagine a day without them. If you can please ask Lucifer for some help at the meantime for me, I really appreciate it, thank you for your kind soul​:heart::heart::heart:


Ooooh I HATE animal abusers.

Excellent points, but I would like to suggest expanding on this a little bit.

The human subconscious doesn’t deal well with negatives. Ie “You are not in pain” the subconscious tends to read this as reinforcing that you are in pain.

So I would suggest finding a word that serves the same purpose as “you don’t mind pea”, but without including a negative. Maybe something like “You are relaxed about pea” or whatever word you think fits.

As different people’s brains tend to respond to telepathic influence differently, I suggest integrating different angles, such as also including the wording in the first person. For example:
“You are relaxed around pea” for a number of repetitions, then switch to
“I am relaxed around pea” for a number of repetitions. If you want to enhance this further, try to think in a voice that sounds like their voice if you can. This can be tricky to do, so if you find it too hard don’t worry about it.

It can also be helpful to use statements indicating movement towards the intended state which at the same time imply its current presence, rather than a direct statement. For example “You are becoming more relaxed around Pea everyday”.
I do this a lot in my hypno work. Telling someone “you are confident”, when they aren’t, will often result in their subconscious recognising it as a fallacy and rejecting it outright.
Whereas “You may begin to notice that you are becoming a little bit more confident every day” tends to go in much more readily.
Same principles apply to telepathic influence. A key difference being that in telepathic influence I strongly recommend keeping your suggestions very short.

If you are good at generating emotional states at will, it would also be of benefit to (when connected to the telepathic target) picture an image of Pea and generate a calm or positive emotion and then push the image and emotion into the target’s mind together.


Yeet the grandma


Consider it done. :slight_smile:


Idk even my grandpa use to beat the shit out of stray dogs they weird🤣

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True. The screaming is just endless while they are in heat. Loud. Loud. Loud. You wouldn’t think cats can get that loud until you hear it. :laughing:


yes i did get her spayed a few months ago, with my own money and yet she was still nagging me for taking her to the vet


Even if she were not spayed, there is no reason to mistreat her.


update: thanks to everyone’s help, my grandma stopped hitting Pea and has been chiller around her, thank you so much


Nice! Which approach did you go with in the end?


Very happy to hear this. :slight_smile:


i just try the implanting method!


thank you and we really appreciate your help🐈


Nice! Telepathic influence can be a powerful tool, although I find susceptibility varies quite a bit from target to target


I was happy to help. I just hope it lasts. I will do more for a bit more time. :slight_smile: