My 72 Daemons of the Goetia experience and Journal

I’ve been considering this challenge and journey for awhile now. The time is finally right as of 1/11

Day 1-King Bael
Decided my best course would be immersion. I know nothing of Bael. Spent my entire day listening to youtube videos of Bael’s enn, historical aspects, and what he’s good at helping with.
Evening time, and I inscribe and open his seal in a small book just for this endeavor.
I don’t feel much of anything, no power flow. My first intentions are to just make introductions and respectfully step into his current.

Will update as I progress.


Hey! New magician here!
I wanted to ask,
How do you usually find what demons are good at helping with?
Do you just google it or do you use a specific website?

If I can also give an answer, I would say get the book ‘Demons of Magick’ by Gordon Winterfield. The powers listed there were tested by many before being written in there, and were also advised by the Demons through evocation. Otherwise, you can look through old books such as the Pseudomonarchia Daemonum, or The Goetia: The Lesser Key of Solomon the King and try to get something out of it. But many times in these old grimoires, such as in Arbatel: Of Magick, many things are hidden and to be interpreted more loosely.


I look up their attributes from several sources and use my imagination o think how to apply to my situation. I’ll post my experience later today

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Thanks a lot for your answer! I will surely check that book out!

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Day 2 & 3 with King Bael

Day two has gone by oddly. I cannot sense Bael’s presence at all. I asign that to his talent for making things invisible, which is what I decided to focus on.
Last year I had a brain tumor and during my course of treatment, I have become a binge eater of snacks and sweets…not good for me at all. If it’s around me, I’ll eat it all.
So I opened up communication and asked Bael to make my cravings, and the presence of any junk food in my reach be invisible to me. In return, I make his name Visible in a public forum. (works perfectly here on Balg :grin:)

All seems to go well, my cravings are able to be ignored quite well. As I’m listening to a binaural beats enn by DH Thorne, I hear him mention that Bael is the Lord of flies and elsewhere that he was the Lord of all flying insects. :thinking: In the afternoon, during my 30 minute break, (I’m a long haul trucker for reference) I notice a bee buzzing around my driver’s side window. There isn’t really much chance it could have gotten into my truck without me seeing it, because I notice them lil buggers right away…(I’m deathly allergic to their sting)
I grabbed a napkin and was gonna kill it, but decided to just wrap it up and flip it out the window.
Definitely seen it as a sign of Bael announcing his presence to me in hindsight. (Glad I didn’t kill the messenger lol…that coulda been Bad)
I’m leaning towards a few more days with Bael, maybe a week for each of the 72. Not sure yet.


Day 4

Today’s been crazy. I haven’t been able to sleep, my work has been tossing curve balls at me all day, my electronics have all taken a crap on me in a multitude of ways.
I had a communication with Bael and thought that we were done. I bid him peace and was going to start on Agares. That’s when my electronics started going haywire. Went to look up his enn and history and Nope! Not yet.
My partner confided to me that he has is starting to come out of remission for chrones disease he has. His only successful course of treatment has been the turpines in cbd which unfortunately in our industry, is considered not legal. So, again, in order for him to heal and keep his job and medical insurance, he needs to remain invisible to the random drug screen pools for a short while. Bael’s expertise at invisibility I really hope to work on this situation here.
We shall see.

Day 7-Thank you King Bael

Thanks to the energetic working with Bael I have managed to complete a week of turning my health around. I’ve ignored all the junk food around me, it’s been invisible. I’ve been on a full juice fast for 8 days and I feel great. Moving on now.

Week 2- Agares
Day 8
Will begin by immersion and learning.


Thank you for sharing, it definitely sounds like you made a strong connection with Bael’s current. I hope you can maintain the diet and exercise so you can be your best self.

As for the electronics going haywire, sometimes that is due to unrestrained energy. If the circle was not held or more energy then necessary was used. I think Jack Parson’s said it best (in my mind) that a sign of a successful evocation is to NOT see any supernatural experiences. That would indicate that the Work was performed and accomplished without any spillage. I know most of us expect to see/hear/experience something to confirm the work occurred, that may allow the entity more access to our environment then we may be comfortable with.

I look forward to seeing more from you!

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Thank you for doing this, very interesting. I am following your thread.

damn your really serious about this a 8 day fast i was going to do a 3 day fast and couldnt do it failed a little less than 24 hours into fasting any tips?

I did a fast for a death and rebirth rite I did at one point. I can’t remember if it was 5 or 7 days of fasting, but the first 2 days sucked. It wasn’t too difficult to do though.

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thank you so just get past 2 3 ish days and its easier?

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Yes. Of course, if you go past 5 or so days you’ll want to do a bread and water fast instead of a water fast.

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thats true