My 16 Year Old

I am single mom to a 16 year old daughter with severe borderline personality disorder. She has been out of control for a while now and we are constantly fighting. I do my best to listen and have her in therapy every week but I am literally out of things I can do for her and she doesn’t improve for very long. I have worked with both angels and demons to bind her and they have binded her when it comes to basic things. They protect the safe that contains pills and sharp objects in my room, an escort now takes her to all her classes so she doesn’t skip, and I’m in the process of filing for incouragibility. However, binding her doesn’t seem to be enough. I don’t wish any harm on her but I can’t do this anymore and I can’t even control her. I need to contact a powerful entity who can remove her from my home and place her somewhere else. I have the angels of wrath book and I know about the force exile ritual but I don’t even think that will be powerful enough to deal with her or our situation. If anyone knows of an entity, preferably a demon please feel free to comment

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Do you have the legal option to place her into a girls living group with a social psychiatric control option (therapy, medicine, taking care of her education in the meantime)?
(I don’t know where you live, I can only offer my experience with middle european standards in such cases, I am sorry)
Edit: IF you could qualify for legal options I would mix King Belials expertise with legal matters with Duke Bathin for a smooth move to the other place without any interferences.


You have tried binding her behaviour, but have you tried healing her affliction? Raphael and Marbas may be able to help alleviate it and, combined with the therapy you mentioned, might make it more manageable.


This right here


Sometimes the best solution is a separation from parent and child when the disorder and its consequence is already too severe for family members to manage. You don’t give up on her if you’re ready to admit to yourself that you are at the end of your rope (for now); but its also important to place her under professional supervision in the meantime. I don’t talk about straightjacket horror movie psychic wards but about a different beneficial environments with therapy options included in her daily life until she is ready to explore the world on her own.
In the meantime you could gather new strength and faith in yourself as her mother and guide. But don’t leave her on her own in an unsafe place, if you can

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My daughter was almost the exact same. Only I didn’t have to keep sharp objects from her.

She ended up in juvie for truancy and when did get out she had to wear an ankle monitor for a while.

Honestly the 3 weeks my daughter was in juvie made a big difference. Sometimes it’s tough love.

I went through so many therapists and we fought alot. The only thing that seemed to really change was when she had her daughter at 16. But do not recommend that at all.

But now my daughter is a great mom and she is doing better but even now there are times when she is hard to for her boyfriend or me to handle.

She gets mad and just goes of walking to no one even knows where.

It was very hard for me raising her alone. I’ve been kicked, had things thrown at me. Told she hates me. And all I could was let her vent.

The therapist told me she was like that with because she knew no matter what she did i would still be there for her.

And I was. I even ran up the stairs to the top floor of the hospital the night she was bleeding and her and the baby were in danger.

I did let her go to a group home when she had the baby because they had strict rules and she would be watched 24/7 and oh how she hated me.
But she changed so much. And was actually the best teen mom there.

She knew something was wrong with her baby and insisted on taking her to the Dr. But the staff didn’t want to. So she finally said either you take us to the Dr or I’m making an appointment and calling a cab. They finally took them and baby had a severe kidney infection.
She told the staff my mom taught me how to take care of a baby when my little brother was born I knew something was wrong!

The staff couldnt believe she was that young I knew how to care for her baby.

But she is still a handful. And didn’t have some of the problems you mentioned so im not sure on advice.

Maybe try the freeze spell to help her “chill”
And then maybe Hekate?

I truly hope things work out for you. I’ve been there it’s so hard. People don’t see everything that goes on either. It’s so hard.



Unfortunately residential isn’t an option because it costs more than what I make and the state doesn’t provide it. I have hospitalized her a few times but they just discharge her after a week or two. I am in the process of filing fir incouragibility through the court but I’m not too sure they’ll do much more than tell her to stop misbehaving.

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I have binded her with both angels and a demon. It stunts her a bit and keeps her from taking pills and cutting herself but that’s it. I wish I did have the option to put her in residential but I can’t afford it.

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What state are you in. In Virginia it was through cps and it was free. They even gave me gas vouchers to drive and go visit her.

I disnt realize it was for cutting that you kept the sharp objects away my daughter did that some. But it never got to where I had to hide knives or lock them up.

Oh yes, I’ve worked with alloces and the two angels in the binding rituals in aow to bind the negative behavior. They been able to stunt the behavior a bit but I know that her living here just isn’t working.

Honestly I never found anything that would help for very long. She just finally realized she was a mom now and had to act like it.

I told her I would help her with my grandbaby but I wasn’t raising her for her. She stepped into a womans world and she better do it.

But all know if something really serious happened I would. I can’t walk away from my babies.

We actually have a cps case open right now because she repeatedly calls them and tells them I psychologically abuse her since I don’t let her do whatever she wants. They have never offered any options to remove her. The cutting is quite severe when she does it and I’ve had to hospitalize her for it before.

I asked if you tried to heal her affliction. You had already stated that you bound her.

Yes, I have contacted buer to heal her mental problems and furcas to advise her on making better choices.

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Oh my daughter never did that.

She actually jumped a room full of lawyers and cps worker and probation officer she had. Because her appointed attorney tried to say I was a bad mom.
I didnt say anything I just that there .

But she jumped and said wait a minute. I have the best mom ever! My mom is not the problem. She said its me … I’m bad I know I’m bad but my mom is the best mom ever. …

Dont ever try to say anything bad about my mom.

She literally shut the whole room down. And she should have been intimidated by these people.

But she was bad :joy:

But she knew it. And she wasn’t going for that shit.

I let her go to the group home because the judge was about to give me full custody of the baby and send her back to juvie.
But if I let her go there her and the baby woukd stay together and because of how strict it was there she wouldnt need to be in juvie.

I really did it so ahe could keep her baby and they could stay together instead of me having the baby and her being in juvie.

Maybe Marbas could help?

I could give marbas a try. Because if she stays here she’s gonna take us both down. She herself gas said the reason she keeps calling cps is because she doesn’t want to live here and wants them to put her in foster care. Sometimes when she calls them they just shut her down right away because they know she’s playing games. Cps wants me to get the incouragibility order put through quick and in a hurry because they’re downright tired of the false reports.

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The last place she should want to be is foster care. As soon as they mentioned foster care to my daughter she was … Ooh helll naw…

I would definitely give Marbas a try. It would be worth it.

My daughter said , I’ll wear the ankle monitor but I aint going to foster care. She did too.

She isn’t the most stable mentally so she lives in a fantasy world where she figures the foster parents won’t have any rules.

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