Musta_Krackish totallly awesome channeler!

I decided to test out his services yesterday and he was pretty much accurate and detailed! I had him channel a close demon friend and he was able to tell me everything I needed to know

You rock dude :3

Thanks so much for the kind review!
I’ll PM you the answer to the question I asked the demon myself later tonight as a bonus for taking longer than expected.
The description the demon gave me of his abilities weren’t what I was expecting but very interesting.


I just had more readings done today, this time with Belial and it went extremely well! Guys, I’m gonna put it bluntly, MK knows his shit! He even explained everything in detail and made 100% sure the channeling would go well, even if it means taking an extra day to bond with the spirit first if needed, instead of just rushing it for the money lol

This is awesome, and anyone facing blocks would do well to read some of his earliest posts (probably embarrassing you there bro! :stuck_out_tongue: ) and see the obstacles he’s overcome, and the way he worked his butt off to be able to do this.

I’m sorry if I’m asking a stupid question but what exactly are we talking about here? Nue had some specific questions to a demon and MK went ahead and got the demon to answer those? If this is the case, then what stopped you nue from asking the demon yourself? Did you just want to get some third party unbiased opinion?

I wanted a third party and to actually test out his skill, to see how accurate he claims to be

Some people spend years and act like they know something but they don’t know shit in reality :smiley: and some people work their ass off and make all this progress in relatively short time.

It’s like there are people who go to gym every day then go home, eat a pizza + 8 doughnuts and then bitch about genetics like “im so unlucky im fat because of bad genes” while shoving another slice of pizza down their fucking piehole lol.

Oh ok thanks, I was actually thinking to get some help interpreting what certain demons have to tell me to see if I’m missing anything.

Lol LadyEva I actually read some of my early posts a couple weeks ago…I don’t think my face left my palm for the remainder of the day.
I felt like anyone who had a Flock of Seaguls haircut in the 80’s looking at their yearbook photo.

But yes I didn’t know shit when I started here but now I have full confidence in myself with majick. ( well most of the time)
I actually have a romantic story to tell you guys that involves an evocation of King Paimon that just showed results a day or 2 after the evocation…onto the ME Omnipotence section boys and girls.


Ahh, Musta. Been some time my friend. I am messaging you shortly.

I’d just like to add that Musta is indeed a totally awesome channeler. I’ve been a client for quite some time, and he never -ever- disappoint. The fact that I’m always returning to him - and give him my hard earned cash- proves a lot.

He also taught me a lot regarding magick. I owe him.

Ive had a reading from Musta and as I said earlier in this forum, he is awesome with his cards. Thanks again man!

Please give me a free reading Musta_Krackish. These spirits are tearing me apart and I need to find out the source of the problem to get rid of the competition. See at least two sides of spirits are fighting over me and I need help to determine how I can get rid of the side that I’m opposing against.

I was suspecting where my problem was,and after Mk’s divination,the entity verified this.At least now i know what part i have to work more.So i second that MK’s channeling is solid enough.