Must be at least 18 years

Just wondering if the public viewing of the forum will be disabled. Right now anybody can peruse without being met with an age barrier.

Its not my forum, or my company and I have ZERO say, because well, I haven’t paid a cent for it.

From a ‘privacy’ standpoint, pfff. There’s no expectation of privacy.

There’s lots of crazy shit going on in here. All stuff that can be misinterpreted by a young mind. From cutting yourself to cursing your ex, to healing cats and summoning cartoon heroes.

Bottom line, is I thought that BALG had an age restriction.

(@Timothy @Lady_Eva)

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This kind of thing’s NOTHING to do with me, thanks for @-ing me :slight_smile: but it’s way out of my league!

This is strictly Timothy / E.A.'s call, luckily the @ function will show up for Timothy so he’ll know you asked. :slight_smile:

I am getting the distinct notion that the @ functions are going to piss off the mods, and management group, assuming they haven’t already.

Its just so easy to reach out to Timothy even though, he probably has much better things to do during business hours than manage our little playground.

Personally, I’ll stop using the @ functions on mods and management unless we are all already involved in a topic.


Folks, I’m good with it, @ me all you like - just do please understand that I am NOT part of BALG the business entity, I’m a volunteer mod (aka, forum member, with a few extra functions available), nor do I have total admin nor decision making capabilities on things.

But anything I CAN do to help, I will - part of my pact with spirits, just like the (seemingly, endless! lol!!!) PMs I had to send on the old grey lady (may she dream on, in the embrace of the gods) about how to reply, when there WAS no immediately obvious reply button, and so on! :smiley:

I will let you know asap if anything you @ me on is something I can, or cannot, fix or otherwise address - this is a big change for all of us, and I want to make things work as well as possible for everyine, within my capabilies!


Most of us have probably done that type of shit - cutting ourselves etc - I have. You wont stop them anyway, if someone wants to access the forum they will, EA doesn’t age restrict on his youtube vids. To be honest I haven’t read or seen anything on here that comes close to the parameters of adult only. Just saying. Good and noble of you and all that.


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how to @ ?

Like this angel. @angel you just @ and insert name next to it

thank you

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See, now we can all evoke Timothy, EAK, or Lady_Eva . The @ function is a powerful spell indeed!