So, some of you keep up with the chat thread, and some of you don’t. I’m making this a thread to talk specifically about some of the mechanics behind our magick. I especially want to talk about those things we all “just do” or “just know.” HOW??

For instance, HOW do you know a specific spirit is talking to you? What are the signs that point to that conclusion?


For me, I feel this tingling in my head, it’s a definitive physical feeling that I can always pinpoint 99% of the time, that’s when I know a spirit is there. Or I feel goosebumps, or it’s a mix of both :slight_smile:

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When it comes to pinpointing a specific spirit. I can usually tell by how their energy feels to me.

And with scent, the more I come to know a spirit the more their energy carries a sort of distinctive smell to it.

It ties in with conclusions and associations I’ve made with said spirit.

For example, if I feel a tingling feeling in my head and I instantly begin to feel light and at ease and I naturally start smiling for no reason then I know it’s Isis.

Couple this with the feeling of warmth and a nice protected feeling then it’s most definitely going to be Isis.


I like your explanation, thank you for chiming in!

For me, like I said in the chat thread, i treat it like pinpointing a voice in a crowd, or over a long distance. I also pay attention to the feelings generated by the beings, like you say with Isis feeling warm and protective. For instance, the Old Man feels gruff and gentle, with a mode of communication that is less like language and more like primordial telepathy (images, feels, sensory data)


Having two spirits in my life, it’s quite easy to separate and pinpoint them merely by their unique energy patterns and their physical behavior. One is on my left side. The other is on my right side.

The more we interact with several spirits on a daily basis, the easier it is to separate them on an individual level. And, depending on what our abilities to perceive them is, we learn behaviorism through bodylanguage and energy patterns(clairsentience), voices and audible behavior(clairaudience), gestures and visible movements(clairvoyance). These are the most common senses to distinguish behaviors on a deeper level, and it makes it harder for other spirits to mimic someone they’re not. If a spirit comforts you in a special way that only you know and recognize, or have an oddity or imperfection that only you know, or something else that makes your spirit unique, there’s no way that an imposter would go unrecognized for too long.

Of course we have the ability to taste(clairgustance) and smell(clairalience), but the other three senses is more abundant to behaviorism, which separates one from another.


Every spirit has an energy pattern that feels different to me. After I receive a name from the spirit, I recognize that energy pattern as that spirit.

It’s the same way I can tell who walks up behind me or who enters the room when I’m asleep. They just feel different and I know who it is. No thinking required.

I have discovered that when I evoke multiple spirits at at time, I can feel their energetic pressure on different parts of my head and sometimes it feels like it’s going into my brain. I’m not sure if it’s really going into my physical brain, but that is the way it feels to me.

Where the pressure is and how it feels to me is how I know which spirit is communicating with me.

It was very weird when I once talked to 7 spirits at the same evocation and they kept chattering back and forth. KInd of like mental ping pong. lol


Each spirit really does have a different energy signature. That is the first thing I notice. Usually if I sense a new energy and I notice that no one else is watching, I’ll ask for the spirit’s name. If it doesn’t answer, I will ignore it because it’s probably a mischievous spirit or a traveling energy collection that doesn’t have an independent consciousness. But once I have a name, I can connect myself to that spirit. This works for both deities and lesser spirits like common demons or nature dwellers. In fact it’s good to practice spirit sensing with common nature spirits since they can literally be found everywhere.