Musicians and the devil

Let’s get straight to my question. If I’m not mistaken, most of us do not believe in selling one’s souls to the “devil”, if that’s the case- why did Paganini did? He started practicing the violin by the age of seven, truly he could have been a great musician at the time of his- why as the devil? or maybe he wasn’t good at all. Did “the devil” posses him, teach him or so? What are your thoughts?

Where is evidence that Paganini did? It was a rumor, just as people make up rumors in modern times about skilled or wealthy people with this.

In fact, as far as I’m aware, the rumor was originally that Paganini’s mother sold his soul.


When certain individuals exhibit an exceptional talent, others automatically assume “they sold their soul to the devil,” because, for some reason, they cannot accept that some people were simply born with greatness. This is particularly true if the individual comes from a humble background. Robert Johnson is the classical example in modern times.


They’re not necessarily selling their soul but their selling their name and human ID to be downloaded into the macrocosm of the matrix

So they become an external construct in the matrix like a cell tower

But you can still do that on your own too because you’re a God it’s just a matter of knowing how to generate that from the inside which honestly does require integrating a buttload of dimensional realities that come with it because your vibration will only provide what you’re ready for

A lot of people that sell their “soul” aren’t ready so they take the short way out which leads them to addiction or suicide of some sorts, at that point the devil is their lower nature

I’ve seen it in the akashic records too they first sell themselves out to their own lower nature through their thoughts and beliefs which lead them down that path so it’s literally all created from the inside

One is through self mastery and the other is a form of self imposed slavery

Riley. Check out my thread “magick is real” it’s similar to what you’re asking about. Everything you need to know about it’s already being spoken.