Music Relevant To Everyone Here

Lets compile a thread of Magickal Power Music.

I am not a metal head, but that is great, ingeniously crafted, I love it! You realise, lurkingcreep, we already have a Cool Music Thread:’m-digging-this-music-performance/

I meant this as a thread for music that specifically conveys magic power through it, not just artistic aesthetics.

! No longer available

Hell yeah! This song too has an intense magickal energy, near made me want to drop my phone, as I watched the video.

I would like to thank you very much for introducing me to Dimmu Borgir!

my brother artimis
thou art the true king of flies
but i see past all your lies
i know the love even you carry inside
your light can no longer hide
oh my brother
you lost yourself into chaos sea,
you are now a muse to me.
through your evil face to my mirrior
i see the white light shining in your eyes
you will never die
artimis, you will never die
in me reborn

Very atmospheric music, if you watch the music videos (compilations of car wrecks, violence and general disarray) it becomes pretty obvious this artist is inspired by Andras

But anyway, the atmosphere of the music in general is very soothing

Look up “The Plot In You” I just recently discovered this band and they have a lot of hatred for organized religion and conformists. When I listen to them, some of their songs put me in the mood to do magic while the other songs just make me want to defy society. They are not death metal but they do go from a heavy metal sound to a calm and beautiful alternative sound, but nothing that sounds gay and stupid like, they are not like Bullet for My Valentine or anything, their alternative parts don’t sound like punk pop.

Bible Butcher is a good song from them. It talks about there being no religious book that could ever influence their decisions.