Music, Magick, and Mind

[Not sure what the rules are for making the same post twice, but I really wanted to get this thread out there]…

I’m wondering what the cause and effects of music are on ritual and meditation.

(Not during of course, that would be disruptive and constraining on the necessarily fluid process of evocation and meditation.)

I’m more interested in the ongoing melody and rhythms we hear play (almost subconsciously) in our heads through our daily life.

I’ve found great success in tuning my mind to certain instrumental rhythms and music (outside of meditation) insofar as setting a specific tone when I do sit down and explore inward.

I’ve also found Energy Work, (necessary or not for Soul Travel) to be greatly enhanced when accompanied by or built off of certain musical rhythms.

Here are a couple pieces that speak strongest to me…



Love to hear what people think, and if anybody else has stumbled upon some REALLY GOOD music or sounds for stimulating mind/consciousness or clearing away mental debris,


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As to the OP, I know Schopenhauer worked the numinous qualities some music can have into his personal worldview (Will and Vorstellung), and I wouldn’t be surprised if that recognition weren’t expressed much earlier and in other places before reaching that kind of codification.

Shamanic working, which can get fairly bare-bones and stripped to what takes Action, almost always has at least a drumbeat, if not singing and other instrumentation. Idealistic cosmologies that posit overlapping dimensions of differing values often see pinnacle works of Art as bridging between our worlds, and I know that it’s not only a matter of journeying to these other places magickally, but even sleep deprivation has caused me to perceive things that I simply don’t believe myself capable of making up, with me they are almost always forms of music (and they tend to be these amazing, otherworldly symphonies that resemble our Western classical, and sometimes psychedelic rock! For me, anyway) but I have often wondered if some works of visual art were not also inspired in a similar way.

I think Art has ridiculous potential for talismanic work, whether it results in a physical object, or an immaterial thing like a melody that influences similarly immaterial things. Hell, I’m thinking of going to school for architecture just to manifest this kind of solidified magickal intrusion into the material, think like the Georgia Guidestones crossed with that insane architect from Ghostbusters! Lol, but enough of personal shit.

I would say, in summary, it’s not only possible, but people have been using music magickally for longer than we have recorded history! And who knows whether or not it might have been learned behaviour!

I am intensely interested in the subject music and magick (and art in general). This pretty much sums up my current view of the essence of art:

I spoke a bit about this subject in this thread:‘pleasantville’/msg74353/#msg74353.

I am personally on a quest to discover more about this subject. From a very young age I loved the way music made me feel- that sort of blissful, otherwordly feeling I got when I listened to my favourite songs, and this is why I became a musician myself. The feeling intensified as I got older, when I discovered Black Metal (which is not everyone’s cup of tea, I know lol!), I just loved the atmosphere of the music and the way it made me feel. When I became interested in the occult, probably around the same time I got into BM, I started theorizing that perhaps music and art in general was a gateway to other planes of existence (hence the feeling of ‘otherness’).

Anyway, I guess the OP was asking more about practical uses for music, which I believe there are many. Personally, I use it to consciously ‘raise my vibration’, or to facilitate the ‘alchemical transmutation’ (in terms of turning negative, low frequency emotions into positive ones). When I want to manifest changes in my own life, I usually use Law of Attraction and visualisation techniques rather than rituals (well I do rituals too but not as often as the former), and I’ve found the key to success when doing that sort of thing is being in a higher state of vibration (or I guess in everyday terms, a really fucking good mood lol). So I use music to get me into this state of mind. In a way I sort of see it as invoking omnipotence.

If it is a person’s cup of tea, the music and artwork of In the Nightside Eclipse are an excellent example of this concept, ‘Art as Gateway’. :slight_smile: