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As an upcoming artist in the music industry and a devoted black magician it is my job to expose the false prophets pretending to have occoult knowledge for no other reason then to use it as
"SHOCK VALUE" Nothing irritates me more then hearing Rappers and singers use the term " I sold my soul to the devil." Or mentioning Lucifer in their lyrics without having any meaningful reason behind it. This is why so many artist fail and eventually live a shitty life and suffer serious health problems because they made a mockery of extremely powerful Gods. They cause nothing but propaganda and an invasion to our rights and Freedom Of Religion. This is why so many people frown upon the idea of Luciferianism or even the " agnostic" Satanism. It’s not only musicians ruining it for genuine people it’s also the blind that think literally of the term “Sacrifice " or
” Human Sacrifice". Going around harming random people in the name of any God is absurd. There’s a lot of people I don’t like but people genuinely practice black magic know how to handle those types of people.
Now what I’m getting at is the invocation of spirits through sound and lyrics. This is a difficult task I have taken on because there are so many wonderful spirits in the world who can help achieve your goals as an artist like King Vine. King Paimon also helps with creative energy and progress of the career you are trying to obtain. If you are an artist who do you work with to help your abilities? What are your goals as an artist?


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I’ll answer ya :stuck_out_tongue: AZAZEL, for he is the master of the beat of the HEAVY METAL WAR DRUMS. But seriously, his rythem hits those emotions u wanna feel with metal. For Celtic tunes the mofucking Dagda. He is always for anything new and awesome and fun. Especially upbeat Celtic folk metal. For rap I would suggest the tones of Ashmedai\Asmodeus. Got more! I heavily suggest the band Elvenking, and their latest album Secrets of the Magick Grimoire.


I’m no artist but it’s a well known fact that Danny Carey is heavily involved with Astaroth. And imo, he’s the god of drums.


Ooo. And we can’t forget the immortal Danni Filth. He should be on this listing here.

I jam 2-3 nights a week with my drummer friend. Both of us have been playing for at least 14 years so we go deep. There’s a subtlety when it really comes to expression. It’s like having small talk verses giving a motivational speech, proclaiming love in a way that makes them feel it, having a mind blowing conversation. I quite literally approach music as it were a language.

I spoke with Paimon the other day for the first time and told him he’s more than welcome to sit in and listen, to join in if the groove calls to him.

When you’re a serious artist you’ll discard 80% or more of what you write if you’re looking for gold. We got one jam in and I found myself effortlessly “getting my point across.” We jammed out Waves by Guthrie Govan and even though I only know the intro/main hook (the rest is something else entirely) I was able to feel out the jazz fusion/chromatic noodles he does in between and have fun with it. We were amazed we could just pull that out and said “we should actually learn that one…” I could tell Paimon was having fun the whole night, the rest of it kicked ass and expression was effortless.

I went for a motorcycle ride along the mountain front viewing the city lights after and told him I wanted to make an album together. I have a studio date in 2 days. He seems quite interested


Not a musician myself, but here’s some info I thought might interest you:

Jon Nodtveidt from Dissection (the most awesome band of this world IMO) was an active member of the MLO/Temple of the Black Light. MLO members work with 11 gods : Lilith, Naamah, Moloch, Beelzebuth, Lucifuge Rofocale, Astaroth, Asmodeus, Belfegor, Baal, Adramelech and Satan.

Selim Lemouchi from The Devil’s Blood also shared the same religion if I remember correctly, as for Erik Danielsson from Watain. Maybe working with one (or more) of the 11 entities I mentioned might help you achieve your goals as a musician ?

When I listen to their music or read the lyrics, I always feel something. Raw, powerful energy. I don’t think I ever experienced this spiritual feeling with any other band or artist. Devotion leaves its mark in a song. For example, from “I’ll be your ghost”, from The Devil’s Blood :

Oh! Enough of this torment, I’m praying on broken knees ; Let this cup pass my lips oh Lord, I wish only to be with Thee…

This. Just listen to the song and you will understand what I mean.

Also, you could check the band Abigor (and their excellent album Nachthymnen). Don’t know which entities the members worship, but their faith is strong, you can feel it in their music.


Azazel makes sure i focus on my music career, i get easily distracted and he always brings me on the right path, sometimes the hard way.


bes was used alot with musicians in Egypt i have only worked with him once , but i would give him a try.

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Jazz & classical = Beleth least thats what i keep getting drawn to after each working :cocktail:

Raw deep emotion evoking music

Azazel has been the one who’s given me a lot of tips on singing. Sort of like a coach I suppose.

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Is it heavy metal? He helped me there lol!

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No not heavy metal but yea… haha he is definitely a metal head!!! But I found he also likes the cello a lot too. He used to play for me sometimes.