Music for rituals

What kind of music do you use during your rituals?
I was looking for gothic music, with chorus and pipe organ, but I’ve never find any dark.
Any suggestion?


check out the Cryochamber channel on Youtube. It’s dark ambient, very good stuff.


Sometimes just shamanic drumming to go to trance. Usually nothing. :slight_smile:


I did some sigil gazings with procedure for Goetic Shamanism, except for listening to monaural beats instead of taking salvia (btw I guess only Divinorum does something, and s. officinalis nothing… ?)
One time I said Heptameron’s conjuration to Anael with Holt’s Venus playing. Another day I called a gnome with Earth music by Altus: I heard a sound which seemed cellophane rubbing and I also thought of footsteps on the bed, behind me…


In terms of aiding a trance state via making you trip, yeah, divinorum is the only one I am aware of. The raw form is pretty mild, too. Usually when you hear of people getting effects from salvia it is a concentrated extract added to raw plant material, hence the labeling on store bought salvia, ie 10x, 20x, etc.

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Thank you :slightly_smiling_face: