Music during spells?

Hi all! I’m very new to magick and still have a lot to learn, but I had a thoretical question. Is it acceptable to play background music during a ritual, spell, etc? or does this disturb the results?

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It all depends on the individual, the best approach is to try and see for yourself. Theoretically, it can’t harm, and some even recommend it, especially if it puts you in the mental and emotional state necessary for performing the ritual.


Many people use ritual music to help them drop into the mood, set the pace or induce a trance state for rituals, shamanic journeys, channeling etc.

I often use songs with words that I relate to, so that I can easily tap into the emotions they bring up or help set my intentions.

If it makes you more comfortable it is fine. Be wary of doing it every single time simply because if something were to occur and you couldn’t have music- you might struggle to do magic without music.

Otherwise some people find it distracting. If the song takes you to memories or feelings that don’t relate to the ritual, it can impact the ritual because you accidentally misdirected the energy while being distracted by those things.

At the end of the day it really comes down to personal preference and if it helps or hinders your ability to do what you need to in ritual :slight_smile:


Follow your euphoria - it is the light towards real magic. If you are performing a practice and feel a need for music, play music! Or, silence - whichever is best for you.

Magic is not powered by context - rather, it is with divine authenticity and euphoria. Seek to find raw magic within yourself - it will feel like joy - and then use that magic in context that seems appropriate. The context is just a shell and is meaningless without the magic to stuff into it.

I think too many people seek the context of magic first, and they expect it to fill with dry hope. It doesn’t work as well that way.

My sadhana or ‘action’ is dancing, every evening, often with lots of loud music and I even put in led lights and get lit, lol. God loves it. God loves a good show - always give them a good show, and they will watch you again and again.