MUSIC during evocation?


I was wondering if it’s OK to use music during the evocations? I noticed that in all his videos E.A. has no music whatsoever, but for me, it seems like it helps a bit in terms of the atmosphere and theta-gamma sync. Of course, I’m not talking Britney Spears or Michael Jackson here, but rather binaural beats, isochronic tones and some satanic meditation chants.

Thoughts anyone?

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Bloody hell no, there are SOME veins of sheer atrocity that even we, an entire community of darkest dark magicians, fear to engage with! :o)

Okay, serious answer now - I use a lot of “shamanic drumming” (lots on YouTube, and you can look up the brainwave explanations), also subliminal stuff, and I also had good results with the reversed afrin (prayer to Ahura Mazda) from EA’s Azi Dahaka video, it’s really cool.

Demonic enns on a loop or similar things can really set the mood and change the energy of a room, or Temple, and you can record your own quite easily ans then edit in echoes or stretch them etc.

And, please take a moment to post an introduction here - it’s one of the Rules of this forum, many thanks! :slight_smile:

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Music is definitely a good idea, whatever helps you focus really. A track I quite like, and that fits black magic quite well, is the ladies of the woods theme from the witcher 3.
When it comes to rituals, you should do what ever helps you get in a good mindset. For me that’s exercise followed by washing my face and hands ( I focus on my goal during this preparatory activities).
Find what works for you and roll with it.

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In fact a lot of the tracks from that game really suit rituals, I’d advise you have a look through them and pick out a few you like

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Depends on what work Im doing as to what music i use.
I love Blackmores night. They have really good pagan style music.
If Im in the middle of some battle I use WWE entrance music. It gets you pumped my favorite is Undertakers. But I also like Triple H’s, the miz, randy ortin, batista, and jericho.
Hell no one can hear that bell at the beginning of Untertakers music and not think shits about to go down haha…
I also like metallica,.
But I will use what ever suits the sitiuation and what I think my spirits will enjoy! :slight_smile:

This got me pumped for my last magical undertaking!

Music can be used to help you get in the right state, but the real use of it is finding a piece resonant to your work. This can be due to subject matter, however, the most effective uses are based on the specific frequencies and tones involved. Lower frequencies and such for darker work, higher frequencies and tones for lighter work.

Demons, both clairaudiently, and in physical sound manifestations, tend to have mnore of a growling voice (less so the ones who are basically gods or goddesses), and one time I heard an archangel talking to another spirit (both were evoked and present in my Temple) it sounded like a kind of fluting birdsong.

Just mentioning this experience, to add a little support to the possible reasons. :slight_smile:

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When I do Baneful work I often play Avi Satani the soundtrack of the movie “The Omen” quite useful

For love spells it is very useful the tantric sexuality music. The gods and goddesses and entities I work with for love seems to really enjoy that.

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LOL imagine how you sumon some demon while from your repro playing some shity music like Justin Bieber :smiley:

I also used Altus music for attempts at elemental summoning (naturally water, wind and fire sounds could be useful too), NASA sounds or Holst for the planets, there are even some zodiacal tunes. Depending on each case, appropriately themed music (african, celtic…) can be played too.

I mite try to play this during my next evocation just to see what happens.