Hi. My favorite artisan sent me a Murmur sigil, and this entity is now appearing to me every so often. I am wondering if anyone has worked with Murmur before, and what information you might have for me. Thanks!

In the interest of sharing, I see a Reptilian male, though he easily shifted into a young man to make everyone more comfortable.

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Duke / Count Murmur Hail to Your Majesty!
MurmĂşrio / Murmus master in necromancy and his office is training in the magical practice of communicating with the dead. His auspices in the Vudu and other necromantic currents are excellent, since his presence allows to communicate bringing the dead person back as a ghost or appearance. Its role is to restrict the shadows of the dead and dead who come to the sorcerer. Through his royalty the sorcerer perfectly accomplishes this. On the other hand, with his full license, the magician can tare to his surroundings the wraiths of the dead so that they are of defense in all the areas of his development, strengthening his astral field against pernicious attacks of his adversaries. In other words, the world of the dead in favor of the magician, as long as the esteem and approval of the great Count is won, I hope I have helped him.


Oh wow, this is great. I think I better start wearing that sigil as they suggested. Thank you so much!

Good wishes on your purpose!
Remember a lot of respect, and especially patience because you will be tested before reaching your desired blessing!

Right, yes, the testing… Indeed.