Murmur for baneful tasks?

Has anyone tried Murmur for curses before? I’ve been working with the dead and am interested in Murmur’s application in baneful acts.

For clarification I have just cursed someone with him last night, but am hoping for a larger sample size to gauge my results on. I remember others using him before, and wanted to try him for myself.

Thanks for any and all responses.

Could you tell us a bit more about how you did proceed to curse using him and what you did ask as a kind of curse ?

Besides, what’s your practice with the dead ?

I work with Murmur. He’s my main guy in necromancy. Honestly,I wouldn’t use him for cursing at all. Rather,I might ask him to raise/gather the dead for a curse, but only if I required multiple dead spirits.
He is better suited as a guide to/from the veil, a protector of the necromancer, abd enforcer of will should the dead step out of line.