Murder Using Magick?

After killing someone how do you make sure that bad “karma” or whatever doesn’t come back on you? I’m in a situation that I may need to do one of the worst things a person can do with magick in the coming months, but I can’t have it backfire on me in any way. I’m fine with the morals of it, he’s lived a long life, and this will have to be done, I know it will hurt me for a while, but that’s all the karma I want. What do I do? Also, who do you recommenced be summoned for this type of deal?

EDIT: Also, because this person doesn’t deserve to suffer, I just need them dead, who would recommend for a quicker, less ‘play with you food first’ type of deal?


I also want to mention that the individual is already very sick and has major chronic health problems, so it shouldn’t be to hard.

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To make sure it doesn’t come back to you by now u should Know before even using death spells is not to hold any regret, shame or guilt afterwards or beforehand — actually — as a black magician, it’s counterproductive for them to apply karma to their work.

You doing that to the man is the action of karma. Black magicians don’t even believe in karma sometimes and I can see why. It’s harder to read between the lines when you unsure of something. Be certain with shit.


That’s what I figured, but I wanted to be sure, and reassurance is always great

Karma? I don’t believe in Karma. It is what it is.

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You cannot put a timeline on a death curse. It will take as long as it takes, regardless of the being you send. Just because the target already has health problems, doesn’t necessarily mean it will take less time to kill him than if he was healthy. If he wants to live, he will fight the magick, period.

f you don’t want the target to suffer, instead of a demon, I would recommend an angel. Samael comes to mind.


Yeah i cant tell if you meant assisted murder or redrum style.


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