Murder and Cannibalism in the Occult

Is there a magical practice that focuses on these two things?

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Just ask southern America, they will tell you all about it :rofl:

You would have to be naive to think that it doesn’t happen, and I can’t see why such magical practices couldn’t work. The act of taking a life (sacrifice) and consuming power (by eating another human’s flesh) are both staples to magical practice.

I don’t think it’s quite as prominent as the bible bashers would have you think, though.

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I hear some orders practice human sacrifice and drink human blood , I don’t know how true though , there are a million and one articles about it on YouTube

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Obviously, such things in the past were very common, especially in the Americas and various tribal areas. These days it is exceedingly rare, but still happens. In India for instance, every year there are a couple of cases of human sacrifice that come to light, usually performed by a priest of Kali or Chamunda at the behest of a paying devotee that wants to achieve a significant magickal result.

In Nigeria and other parts of Africa, albino children are sometimes sacrificed for magickal workings as they are seen as much more potent in this regard.

There are uncontacted tribes in Papua and the Amazon that still engage in cannibalism and related rituals. The idea is that one can gain the abilities of the person whose flesh is being consumed, e.g. if the person was an exceptionally gifted artist, by consuming their flesh, the people taking part in the ritual can gain their abilities.

This isn’t just superstition btw, it has long been observed, that organ transplant has a similar effect.

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Excuse you?

my bad that was the wrong word. I meant to say some form of precolonial indigenous type of magick. We know there are some tribes who used to eat their dead and so on. And it’s possibly still practiced today. The Korowai tribe of south-eastern Papua was still eating people till 2012…

Now… that’s of course not what the OP was asking about… he’s probably one of those who think satanists eat babies or something like that…

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This reminds me of a similar thread a while back (years?).

Nobody here is going to say anything about this. Even if they knew about it. The reasons should be obvious. If you want a practice focusing on those things, ask the spirits.

If you are new to magic and want to focus on this as your first real magical exploration… Stop. Seriously. Build some relationships in the spiritual world, and then ask when you can. It’s not worth blindly doing anything related to this kind of thing.

And for the love of the gods, if anyone does give you any information on such practices on here or IRL, walk away.

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That’s exactly what I’m looking for similar to predatory vampirism except instead of energy I want to devour others and gain their abilities and intelligence and keep getting stronger and stronger and stronger with each life I take until I’ve become an actual Living God and perhaps even attain physical immortality.

By OP I assume you mean me and no I do not think satanists eat babies im not fucking ignorant. But thanks anyway.

Yea I guess you’re probably right the information I’m looking for won’t be here more than likely I’ll find the answers on an occult page/forum on the dark web where this info can be discussed about in private.

Good luck. I admittedly haven’t tried to search the dark web for occult stuff. It’d be interesting to see if there was any site there worth keeping track of.

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Ut was a facebook group still on. Were tey post a guy who leave a kimbanda or similar and was caught and videotape his death bcse he live the gruop. It was baad. It was a sanish mahic grjop and connections to quimba da, kimbanda, ror is a guy who publish tat kind of beliefes practice. Tat too. But look magic spanish gruops and u may find tat.