Mums the word

I’ve been going through Frater X’s Mystery School videos on YouTube lately. I find it’s a wealth of information and I really enjoy his take and perspective on not just magick, but everything in general.

One of the things that really got me thinking is how he mentions that people shouldn’t be talking about their practices, at least not their current rituals and the ones in which you are waiting to come into fruition. He says by announcing them to others, you’re allowing others energy (negative or otherwise) to have an influence over your own and what you’re working on.

One of the examples he gives, is religious people finding out what you’re into and either being repulsed /frightened/angry about it, or taking pitty/concern and praying for your salvation and to change your ways. This type of energy could be detrimental to your own energy and have adverse effects to your magick workings.

Perhaps this is one of the prevalent reasons many of the ceremonial magick organizations and others are so secretive of their practices?

It got me wondering, however, many here freely and openly discuss their workings where everyone can read about. Has anyone noticed any difference in results between magick performed that they talk about and magick they perform confidentially?


Posting on BALG is completely up to the user specially if it is spells and casting specifics. if you think something will draw energy or results from your work than don’t post it.

However, if you think that you can obtain useful info that can increase your skills and ability to practice magic than go for it. :smiling_imp:


I sometimes tell people about what I’m doing if it would be helpful.

As a general rule, whether people believe or they don’t, they’re pushing energy somewhere, which helps give it more “reality” and speeds things up if you know how to utilize the energy and their perception.


I’ve lately kept much of my practices a secret.

BUT the Spirits I am working with on a goal wanted me to post my plan here. The Reason behind this is, I really don’t know.


I’ve also been starting to keep much of my workings confidential for the reasons above. I do however, understand that some spirits you work with may want or need you to do some things publicly.


I generally never share workings. I will share about my journey at times. But thats it. Nobody gets to be in my business unless I put them there.


Yeah secret practice is actually more inspiring.

I think the reason behind it is because I promised it to them😅


As someone who occasionally does that, I only share if and when spirits verify it’s the right thing to do.

The forum would be very empty if it was just people alluding to things and doing the occasionaly tutorial on a skill they have little further use for.

I’ve always understood one of the purposes here was to peer-test metjods and suneses, share new spirits discovered, and also the Friends With Benefits/group-working concept goes right back to the early days when the forum was very small. :smiley:


Absolutely. Wasn’t intending to discourage people from sharing at all, I’ve actually learned a lot in my short time here from what others have shared. I was just curious as to what others thought of this concept.


Usually after it’s been successful though, and usually at the request or approval of the entities involved, or if it didn’t seem to work and they’re looking for troubleshooting tips.

If you’re likely to be targeted and are unable to deflect workings against you, or just don’t want to deal with that, or don’t care to share anyway, then don’t do it. You pays your money to takes your choice.


I only share completed workings and don’t share, upcoming or current workings.