Multiverse magick

Wouldn’t it just be easier to connect to the multiverse for power? Since anything can happen in the multiverse, just find a universe where real physical vampires and werewolves exist, ask them to bite you and boom your a sinister powerful beast of darkness, hell get a anime character for power, everything is real so why not? It’s more potent then all this meditation and concentration. Anybody think this would work?

Yes and no. I’d stick to what Lucifer said. There’s a reason he said that. Besides that involves astral travel, which I do not recommend for a beginner. What you could do is call upon “The All” in ritual if you desired so. But IMO you could really use (not to be offensive) the discipline and benefits of meditation. Don’t be impatient.

Yes and no. I’d stick to what Lucifer said. There’s a reason he said that. Besides that involves astral travel, which I do not recommend for a beginner. What you could do is call upon “The All” in ritual if you desired so. But IMO you could really use (not to be offensive) the discipline and benefits of meditation. Don’t be impatient.[/quote]
Besides where’s the fun in getting everything in one foul swoop?

Chaos magick is probably your best bet if you want to go into that, and honestly, if you’re nervous right now about spirit contact, that might be a very good route for you - it’s a solid established field and there’s lots of information available.

This lays out the basic concepts, my old man is a chaos mage and says this is good:


And it’s on a cartoon strip at [url=][/url]

Have a look, see what you think of it - some chaos magick concepts (such as belief being a powerful force in itself) have made it into more mainstream magick, even that (like my own model) that holds spirits as being independent entities, and because of that crossover, any skills you pick up will be transferable to other styles & paradigms, and there’s also a lot of information about it freely available online if it catches your fancy. :slight_smile:

Im sorry dude, but meditation ain’t for me, with the multiverse i can just gain any power, meet any being that is physical not spiritual, you can gain tangible power, not power that only controls circumstance

Chaos magick huh? Can it connect me with the Multiverse?

Try it and see - where that chart says “meditation,” try dancing to the point of ecstacy.

Also, this isn’t an area I can coach you in, but the use of masturbation and orgasm is really orthodox as a way of creating altered states in CM, that’s one to hit the internet and the search on here for because it may be useful to you. Try reading through that strip, it’s not long, and come back with any questions.

And I 100% agree about “don’t be impatient”!!

Not gonna lie chaos magick is some good stuff, I’ve heard of the super conscious mind. But i can’t focus, i just mentally hurt myself and wanna kill myself afterwards

Okay as a very happily paired-up lady who’s probably older than you, I have to ask - can you focus on something long enough to masturbate?

PLEASE don’t answer (I mean unless you want) because this isn’t the purpose of the question, my point is that 1. that’s used a lot in chaos magick workings and 2. if you can ever focus on anything… I mean, do you play the lottery, or watch sports, or have ANYTHING you’re passionate about enough to keep your mind on it for a few minutes?

You get my drift I hope! :slight_smile:

Also, chaos magick - give it a try believing 100% that you are ALREADY focused. It MAY slow you down, but like I was saying in another thread, you can get stronger to lift weights, or lift weights to get stronger - both work.

In your case you’ll be taking whatever your mental “muscle tone” is now and deploying it to the work, and with with a bit of faith in yourself and in the concept of progress, of not getting discouraged, you should get the skills as you go along.

I had no-one to teach me meditation as a child, but I just kept doing magick, and I was getting tangible material results long before I kissed my first boyfriend! :slight_smile:

What I’m trying to get at is to see all this stuff as a factor, sure, but never an obstacle that can just plain stop you. You have to figure out a way around it is all.

It sounds like you found your niche (is that how its spelt?) I’d say give a try, and see what happens. I may use those links tbh.

My passions are music, anime, video games, the supernatural, and martial arts and that’s the only sport i like. Life bores me, that’s why im into this stuff, well its one reason atleast

It’s good stuff, it works with other methods as well, though actually to some extent the fact I’m saying “it works with them” is in itself an expression of chaos magick’s core theory that belief and the operator define reality, so the roots are by now very deep into our magickal world and it certainly doesn’t affect or damage working with other spirits, including loving them as real beings with real agendas and “personhood” if you see what I mean.

The old paradigm of, you get your grimoire, you get in right with “God the Almighty” through confession, fasting, then and only then may you summon a demon bound in various ways, that had no room for the concept that “but maybe your system is different, and works” which you’ll see on here (and other forums) all the time, now.

It was more or less the active arm of their religious system, and although some grimoire authors may have couched their practice in those terms to avoid persecution, the idea that there is only one real true way to magick :o) was the norm for a long time, and still prevalent in many cultures where religion, racial or tribal heritage, and magick are interlinked.

But, it’s not a new and therefore unproven thing - the hermetic magick stuff we have comes from a syncretisation of cultures in the Mediterranean basin, and incorporates all kinds of instructions that basically boil down to “And today I will believe in this, to perform this act” - you see echoes of it in both ancient Egyptian works, where the god they’re calling on is praised as THE one true god, and also, in Hinduism, where the god called on is hailed as the most high and paramount form.

Chaos magick is just our modern way of styling this, and the REALLY neat thing is, it all fits in with the concept that we. and we alone, are the Creator wearing our “Eva mask” in my case, or “Dragon Crow” or “E.A. Koetting” - that we are fundamentally a creator, although not automatically possessed of the full powers of a creator god.

Sorry, I’m rambling - this is a BIG topic in our house, because we have different views and have perfectly reconciled them and without having to even think “well, s/he’s wrong, but the cuddles are worth it” or anything! :o)

Supernatual, can you USE the skills you have from those interests (there’s a way, it’s not a trick question!) to start some basic chaos work?

I guess i can. I could just imagine calling on anime characters or something i guess. Tonight i will structure a method by using my passions hopefully. Btw i have a book called miracle mastery, it talks about ways to gain real power like invisibility, teleportation, telekinesis, etc. Would anyone here be interested in seeing it?

Try structuring a charcater in your mind who is either a mentor, or if you want, a kind of Advanced Magus You from another rteality., That’s outside the mainstream but you have to worik with what you got, and creating a “magickal self” you step into for work, and out of back to normal life, is reasonably established throughout historical magick, as well as chaos magick.

Tonight i will structure a method by using my passions hopefully. Btw i have a book called miracle mastery, it talks about ways to gain real power like invisibility, teleportation, telekinesis, etc. Would anyone here be interested in seeing it?

Best not to share any large scans or excerpts from copyright mateiral, this is the forum of a private business and it’s against the rules. But if you get results or want summarise it and get opinions, that’s cool! :slight_smile:

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I’m not a medical professional but it sounds like you need to see a doctor if you can’t focus on anything and it makes you wanna kill yourself. They prescribe medicine that fixes both of those disorders. So, I think you should get your head screwed on straight before you start messing with magick. If it isn’t some kind of neurosis that’s making it hard for you to get into this stuff then I suggest working your ass off like everyone else and quit being lazy. There is No Mulitverse that’s going to grant you powers and make all your wishes come true. You have to work for these things and that’s just how it is.

^ He’s not wrong, I know we went there in your previous thread but wanting to kill yourself isn’t good. Though I am a hypocrite saying that because I felt that way for most of my life, until recently…

Which actually brings me to a point of asking: eliminating gluten helped me permanently change. Have you considered researching food intolerances, and maybe looking into practicing elimination diets (where you cut things out for a trial period, to see if you notice any improvement)?

I only trialled the gluten thing thinking it would shut my friend up, and it damn near changed my entire life.

So, think on it - I know it sounds dumb but it’s amazing the inflammatory damage that a protein can do when your body can’t handle it, and we’re all so saturated with unnatural chemicals these days that our bodies tend to over-react.

I agree with Lady Eva physiology is very important for how you think, and your diet is one of the biggest factors in how your body maintains homeostasis.

what you tell yourself can become reality. I struggled with depression for a really long time and anti-depressants never worked for me simply because I didn’t believe they would. the nocebo effect caused me to never react to it. reversely, if you strongly believe something, your body and the universe will conspire to make that true for you.

I have found that Magick practices for me is only something to intensify my beliefs in what I know could happen if I asked and be willing to receive in the first place. Everyone is the god of their reality and you can be whatever you want to be by just visualizing, believing and feeling it. if you doubt me, practice by focusing all your intentions on wanting to see a lion, visualize yourself seeing the lion, believe you will see the lion. The universe will bring that lion to you, either via a picture, a word or the real thing at the zoo.

However, to make changes, you really have to want it. you have to want it so bad that you can sacrifice your comfort to receive it. You believe you have ADHD, well I don’t believe it even exist, I don’t believe mental illness exist. But I do believe that the brain is powerful enough to fool itself and label itself with all the dogmatic psychiatric terms.

I would say go deep into yourself and find out what you really want to do, do you want to learn about chaos magick so much that you are willing to sacrifice being comfortable watching animes and living in some immature fantasy of the supernatural?

Then practice being aware of all the good things in life, be grateful, ask for becoming a student of chaos magick, avoid self-doubt, BELIEVE that it will happen and allow the universe to take care of the rest.

Take care.

Agreed with the above statements. Have you noticed the occults most basic foundations are psychology?

Ok then so i just need to work my ass off to reach the Multiverse then, same thing, or am i mistaken?

Yeah that’s the thing, i kinda work until the point of mental exhaustion, some days i will meditate for at least 4 hours but just can’t slow down my thoughts.And are you suppose to take on the mind of a child when doing this type of stuff? Msybe it helps to be a little immature