Multiple Workings to Achieve a Goal

Is it possible to do more than one type of working for a specific objective? For instance, if one were trying to get a new job, what would be the result if one were to do some Chaos Sigil Magick, and evoke, say Bune or Belial? Is it possible there could be a cancellation of the magick, or is it ok to hit it heavy?

I ask because I’m going to be applying for a job in the near future. I still can’t hear spirit, though I’ve asked Belial for help twice, and he seems to have come through both times. I was planning on asking for his help again. I was also planning on making a sigil from a statement of intent, for added measure. There is also a spell in Advanced Planetary Magick for charisma. Will this cause any problems?

No, I’m sure that the more workings you do the more powerful the outcome.

The only time this ever seems to be a problem is if you evoke two or more spirits and have them all working towards the same goal. Spirits are freethinkers, and each one may have a different idea of what to do to solve your issues so if you evoke one and he thinks ABC needs to be done and you evoke another who thinks XYZ needs to be done, their work could interfere with one another and possibly cause problems. But I see no harm in doing some rituals or spells and also contacting one demon or deity to help.

This is what i’m doing most of the times and i start to wonder if there’s a trap and why.An answer came to me and it was like this:

‘‘When you do invocations you’re fine tuning your energies and your hidden power to work towards a goal(spirits work through you).
This tuning is very detailed and specific and if you do something else you’re tuning again to other frequencies and you change the previous one’’.

If the outcome’s really important it might be best to ask Belial to send you a message in a form you can recognise and understand, about whether it will help to add on additional methods.

I can see that sometimes doing (for example) a planetary working, an AOS-style personal sigil, and working with a spirit on the same goal will be really useful, it will stack up all the different levels, and on others might (as Dron said) muddle things up, so the specifics are what will dictate the answer IMO, and Belial can probably help most with advising you there.

Belial certainly seems enthused about people learning magick and taking their own power back so I don’t see him objecting to you asking about this idea.

I’ve done this both times I asked him for help, and received no message, waking or sleeping. Both times He seems to have help me. I’m thinking maybe some divination with your favorite book?

Impossible for me to call that one - if you’re getting results, seems like that’s “a sign you can recognise”?

Possibly. This job means a lot to me, as it will bring the income I need. I don’t want to blow it, as I really have no other options at this point in time. So, needless to say, I don’t want to do anything that will cause a negation of the magick. I don’t see the planetary magick spell for charisma having any counter active effect, as that’s directed at me, to make me more appealing to those whom I need to be appealing to, lol. The possible issue I see is making a sigil and asking the King for help.

The way I see it, Belial, for the most part, seems to be pretty understanding of us humans, and shouldn’t have an issue with me using a sigil as a multiplier. OTOH, He also seems to respect confidence, and might view my using a sigil along with asking for his help, as a sign I lack confidence. I’ll hit Napolean’s Book of Fate and see what I get. I just need to figure out what question to use.

You can empower your subtle energy field for the same effect as charisma. I have a lot of vital energy because of my meditation and breath work and when people are around me I lift their mood, so people want me around more. It makes me slay at interviews, because my aura is so uplifting and energizing people just fall in platonic love with me.

I appreciate that, however, I don’t have months to do this, I plan on applying within the next week or two. Not enough time for energy/breath work.

I don’t know about that.

Hold on…

Sit down comfortably, relax the whole body, and breathe in through the nose. Imagine that with the inhaled air, health, tranquility, peace, success, or everything you are aiming at, will pass into your body through the lungs and the blood. The eidetic image of your idea must be so intense that the air you are inspiring is so strongly impregnated with your desire that it has already become reality. You should not allow the slightest doubt about this fact. To avoid weakening, it will be enough to start with seven inhalations in the morning as well as at night. Increase the number of breaths gradually to one more in the morning and at night. Do not hurry or exaggerate, for everything needs time. In any case, you should not proceed to the imagination of another different desire before the first chosen one has been completely accomplished. In a pupil endowed with talents of a high order, success will manifest itself, at the earliest, after seven days, all depending on the degree of imagination and aptitude. Some one else will need weeks, even months for the realization of his desires because the kind of desires will also play an important role. It is therefore desirable not to form egotistic wishes to begin with, but to confine them to the above-mentioned ones such as tranquility, health, peace and success. Do not extend breathing exercises to more than one-half hour. Later on, a standard ten minutes will do for you.

This is from Franz Bardon’s Initiation Into Hermeneutics. It might be worth practicing leading up to your interview.