Multiple targets



stalin once said that the death of an individual is a tragedy, while death death of a million is a statistic.

statistical thinking seems to resonate with the human mind, so could a baneful magical operation be depersonalised through the use of multiple targets? for example, an “impersonal” list of, say, a dozen targets you would like to see magically dispatched would be easier to “gloss over” psychologically than any one individual. although this would be difficult to do using unconscious means (i.e, by not employing a spirit), the conscious nature of entities such as dratalon would allow the operation to evolve as needed to a successful end. i’m not sure how many targets would be required as i only thought this up a few minutes ago, but let’s use a dozen or so as an example. or, even a hundred. by the end of the operation, it would be easy to forget about the exact details of the list, thus facilitating the law of reversed effort.

anyone have experience with this, or any thoughts (theoretical or otherwise) on the matter? i’m considering the practicality of trying this out myself and, as i seem ot have a talent for generating enemies, it wouldn’t be difficult to come up with a substantial number of targets for experimentation. i’ll keep you posted if/when i try this out.

kind regards, james.


Gasp!..You!!! Make enemies?! :wink:

I’ve heard of a version of this before using rootwork. You create a poppet representing all your enemies, by working against it you are theoretically working against the group. I haven’t done it myself but have heard it takes quite a bit more energy as the energy you provide is being split amongst the group. Perhaps a group effort for the same goal would be more efficient but this is all theory.

If it was a group like a half dozen or so of assholes who harass you I could see attacking different aspects of the individuals to cause tensions in the group. Vinegar jars are supposed to work well also to sour alliances/relationships and what not as well.

Since you are well versed in evocation I would suggest evoking the 9 from Baneful Magick and direct them against a large group.


yeah but i don’t want tension within a group. i want pianos and anvils falling out of the sky.

and yeah, i make enemies. believe it or not, it’s because there are some bad people out there who only respond to either bribery or intimidation, and i have neither the time nor the resources for that kind of crap.

rootwork/witchcraft etc would take a great deal of energy. i’d rather use evocation but i’m trying to perfect a low-energy system. i may raise energy using connolly’s gate opening techniques, plus evocation (i.e, dratalon) with the ultimate goal of creating a self-sustaining, low-input/high-output machine like an astral tesla coil. the infernal colopatiron details how this could be done (in fewer words, and with more imagination), and i believe it would be really quite effective when coupled with a conscious “driver” such as a spirit charged with a baneful task. opening a fire gateway with a saturn gateway, for example would create a kind of “nuclear death” energy. yeah, i like to think in way-cool terms when it comes to spirituality.

if dratalon had a (basically) unlimited supply of nuclear death to throw at whomever he saw fit, i can only imagine the results. definitely worth trying out, methinks!



Sounds cool please post results of your high output low input fuckyourenemieswithaclawhammer machine.


read the infernal colopatiron. i dont’ want to just plagiarise her stuff etc.

the principle is opening an autonomous gate to feed the ritual, evoke an entity through the gate, plug them into the gate (all low-energy) and send them on their way. then open elemental gates to balance, and plug them into the first gate. close all gates before bed and see how it stacks in the astral. instant daemonic tesla coil. fuck yeah. and the regular kind of tesla coils are bad enough! in any case i did a basic thing regarding what i posted in the multipl targets thing in the BM channel. i’ll update when i’m sober.



oh fuck, that’s this channel LOL. i’m so fucking drunk and high i don’t even know where i am!

i’ll post details later.



jesus, did i post that? those sleeping pills are a bitch.

anway last night i evoked dratalon with a list of ten targets. will post as events unfold but i’m skeptical due to my previous experiences with dratalon. for what it’s worth, i used beeswax candles cos all my balck ones are down at school. i did notice a change in the vibration, oddly enough, which differed greatly to when i use black candles. i much prefer black. also, i used the CW book as a portable altar (because mine’s down at school, once again). it was pretty cool. there was definitely a strange hum to it which i hadn’t noticed before.

regards, james.


The demented and sadistic glee of Zolpidem. :stuck_out_tongue:


There are entities from other grimores that are supposed to be able to kill people with great ease.

Take a look at the 50 names of Marduk, and you will find at least one entity, if not several that can help you depending on what end you want them to meet. There are other entities I can suggest from the KOTF or BOA, Dratalon being one of them.

I think the real discussion is, what kind of end you want them to meet. This will help determine whether or not the ritual worked, by the spirit leaving their calling card depending on distance. There are…Other things you can do to them as well. It depends on what you’re interested in.

I suggest you make a control group of particularly shitty excuses for “human beings” the world has to offer, and test it on them. Make sure they are magickally undefended, or you could end up with a lot of problems you aren’t expecting.

I’m rather interested in this idea, and I can say I haven’t read much on it since Uncle Chuckie’s books, where his rituals to effect people in mass are actually easier and more powerful than the rituals other magicians do.

This is a step that places the magician beyond redemption. I caution you to make sure of what you’re doing before you do it. Once the arrow has left the bow, once the bullet has left the gun, once these entities have been called to kill, they cannot be stopped. This in itself should be something to ponder over, and to think about any “consequences” it might place on you psychologically.

All his (Uncle Chuckie’s) books are for free at if you want to take a look.

Ever Forward,
Frater Apotheosis


yeah i considered the necronomicon entities but i’ve worked with dratalon in the past with quite palpable evocations.

and yes, i am aware of dratalon and the KoF spirits. i mentioned that in the OP.

my targets are not only magically unshielded, but actually attract cosmic negativity on a grand scale. they exorcise it by visiting negativity on others and i’m growing a little tired of being an easy target due to my having made the mistake of showing kindness to ingrates.

i’m interested in seeing if i am capable of using magic to bring about a sequence of events which ultimately causes a specific human life to end. moreover, if i am able to cause great suffering and misery of whatever kind to a specific individual through seeming coincidence, or at least be able to observe the individual in said misery for a time before expiring, so much the better. ironically, i have called these entities several times and i have not been satisfied with the results. i have made sure of what i have done, but i have not managed to be completely successful (as per my standard of success).

i enjoy what i do, and the only “psychological consequences” are those which arise from the universe being disobedient and unruly. it’s damned frustrating but i’m persistent. as i said earlier, i want anvils and pianos falling out of the sky. i won’t hide behind a false morality by saying i’d only use magic to kill “if it were absolutely necessary”. if i can’t be held legally accountable, then i’ll go ahead and do it (or, at least try) just because it entertains me. that probably makes me a sociopath, but to paraphrase iphone marketing, “there’s a spell for that”. judge me as you will.



okay… ahem.

everything’s fucked up.

so, i’ve got a cold now, but that had been coming on for days. today (about… what, three? four days after the ritual?), i missed my flight, got hella nauseated on the way to the airport, had to pay a parking fine, just received a tollway violation, a reminder that i’m not enrolled to vote, possibly another fine for something i may have allegedly done cough and, worst of all, last night i bought some skype credit, clicked through all the prompts and whatever, then realised i still had my ex fiancee’s credit card details as the default payment method. fuuuuuuuck… so i sent her an email explaining how it was a mistake etc (only for $16 anyhow) but i don’t think she’s going to be happy. in fact i suspect she’ll likely report me for credit card fraud or something…

now, just so you know where i’m coming from… getting bullshit fines pisses me off because i like to think i’m reasonably intelligent and if i can get fined for doing something i didn’t even know i wasn’t supposed to do (except maybe that one thing above cough), then the system is broken and information about what shouldn’t be done, shouldn’t be so goddamned hard to find that a reasonably intelligent person like me could look for it and still not find or not understand it. like putting a speed limit sign behind a goddamned tree or something.

but, that’s not the issue. sigh what a fucking day.

soooo i’m thinking this has something to do with my ritual the other night. seriously, i’ve never had, let alone paid this many fines in one sitting. it’s fucking ridiculous.

has anyone else experienced this? i mean, is this a magical fuckup on my part, or just part of the process? i understand that by playing with magic, we exert an influence on a huge number of events in many ways and in many places, but why is it that things sometimes turn to shit? EA has noted that targets of baneful magic often experience great prosperity (to whatever degree) before their ultimate ruination, but is the opposite true of those performing the ritual?

is it like an astral shockwave that takes all our “good luck” along with the energy of a curse? now, i know that it’s simply due to the fact that i’m not experienced enough to be able to avoid these sorts of things, but this was the quickest and most spectacular example i can recall, so it’s a little out of my comfort zone.

basically, i just want to know if this is normal (using the term very generously), and is this actually a sign of success? all the best things in life hurt like hell to attain, so is this just the price i have to pay to get what i want? alternatively, is it sympathetic resonance due to the nature of the working, being attracted to me? or is it all just a huge coincidence and none of it is related at all? of course i know better than to believe in coincidence but for the sake of my own sanity i need to pose the question every now and then.

any thoughts would be appreciated.

kind regards, james.


The first thing I checked was to see if Mercury was in retrograde which it isn’t. That was something I just really looked into and explained why sometimes I go through periods of everything turning to shit for a brief period when I usually do a good job keeping my affairs in order. I’d give it a few more days just to make sure things keep on the course or get better before assuming shit is on the fritz.

I wouldn’t rule out negativity being attracted due to the nature of the ritual but as I said above give it time to be sure.


Wow string of bad luck eh? Have you thought of trying to evoke the same entities you did recently to ask them what the deal is? I’m by no means an experienced magician but just a thought…


I’ve experienced persistent sickness last year shortly after death rituals that I have now discovered failed to kill on two occasions. The only similar negative experience I’ve had is after stepping on a Loa’s toes the wrong way - two different illnesses over two consecutive weeks that left me on the verge of death - which I thoroughly deserved. This stuff is not a game. Be careful.


In other words, I think you fucked up somehow. All that energy should be with the target, and not with you.


mmm… yeah that and i can’t talk to the spirit/s in question as they don’t tend to talk very much, in my experiene. i know that sounds odd but yeah, this one’s silent as a tomb.

i’m gonna ride it out and if things go bad at school, i know it’s not just me because i’ve been on break for over a week. if things are fine, then maybe it was just some fallout at the time. i’ll post if anything interesting happens.



i’ve come to the conclusion that it was just some astral fallout.

life’s been normal and if anything, a little better than it was before. all the bad stuff happened in a matter of a couple days and quickly got sorted, to my knowledge. however, still no change that i am aware of with respect to the targets. i may have to try something else (???).