Multiple spirit experience

So there’s a person that I’m trying to get back into my life. We did not end on horrible terms or anything, just a misunderstanding that turned into some hurt feelings (mostly mine). Anyway, it’s been a few months now since we’ve seen or spoken, my temper has calmed and I decided to call on Dantalion, Beleth and Agares for some help.
Two days later I saw the person. This was not a coincidence because 1: I tried several times to leave the place I was at early because I just didn’t want to be there (I actually wasn’t even supposed to be there at that time) and each time something kept me from leaving. 2: The only reason this person stopped there was to use the restroom. Literally an entire city of possible places to stop and he picked the place I was at.

We didn’t speak to each other (we were both with friends), but he oddly stared at me for 4-5 minutes before walking away. Just watched me. Nothing else. Later that night I admittedly had a little break down because I do miss this person and out of nowhere heard, “I needed him to see you. Step one.” and that was it.

Problem is, I don’t know which spirit that was to ask what exactly that means? My gut keeps telling me it was Beleth, but none of them are giving answers. That was a week ago now and no further movement yet.

Has anyone else had something like that happen when working with multiple spirits? I’ve decided not to ask for any more information on it because I don’t want to annoy them, but man is it hard when you’re the naturally very inquisitive type.


I know who it is if I’m working with them directly because I can tell the energy signature - kind of like recognising someone’s voice - but I’ve had these voices come through and not known who it is because it was someone I’d not consciously met in ritual or journeying.


well, your gut usually is right.
So it’s Beleth.

And the fact that you got a specific statement “i needed him to see you” combined with the extended stare at you, means Beleth currently works on him,
driving the desire to need you into him.

you can aid that process, by using an link (preferably worn cloth of him, if that’s not aviavable a picture),
place the cloth below your bed / pillow, or gaze his picture, channeling desire into him,
and calling him in towards you. Importend with the Picture gazing, is NOT to evoke him, but just keeping pulling him. Since you don’t want to create dreams where you meet, and have a talk about the things that hasn’t been resolved, but rather for him to actually be in person in front of you,
so you can skip that, and emotionally bond again before talking things out.