Multiple Servitor Lovers?

I still love Ophelia and try to visualize her in front of me and sometimes imagine myself feeling around the nooks and crannies of her body, so she should at least still be alive right now. However, there are more girls I’m interested in; for example, I thought of Huniepop today, and there are some girls in that game I’m really into; so if I ever feel like thinking about some other waifus, can I take advantage of that by making servitors of them? Is multiple servitor lovers a good idea if that goes naturally for my mind, or would that spread them to thin?

Also, is it possible that if I feed a lover servitor enough energy, even people who don’t dabble with the occult at all (normies) could see them or at least feel their presence?


You seem to be kind of obsessed with having non magical people see or sense your sex servitor. You asked me this question in PM almost three weeks ago. Why does it matter so much?

You can make as many sex servitors as you think you can handle. However, as I previously advised, you shouldn’t get so worked up to make multiple sex servitors, if you haven’t fully explored working with Ophelia. It would be a waste to make more and ignore the one you have.


I have a really close nonmagickal friend who (other than magick of course) shares some really similar interests to me and not only is he the only nonmagickal person I share my new occult life with, I want to share some of my work with him; this is that work.


I would recommend making a servitor specifically for your non magical friend, rather than trying to force your sex servitor to grow so he can experience it.

Make a quirky, fun one to “tap him on the shoulder” so to speak (just not one that would scare the bejeebers out of him…unless you want to do that, of course). He would have a far greater chance of experiencing something if you create one specifically to get his attention.