Multiple love spells in one week?

I’m so tired of being miserable. My ex needs to come back, he loves me and was crazy about me the only reason we broke up was because of occasional fights and stupid immaturity we grow out of.

Though he used to beg me not to leave he’s being so stubborn. It’s gonna take a lot to move him. I just don’t believe it’ll happen.

I’m a beginner and don’t even know if I’m really doing anything or casting anything. But I wanna try a different love spell, then an obsession spell on each night.

I figure if I do multiple spells it has to build up and work. Or no?

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I think you’re psyching yourself out, and ultimately going to sabotage yourself here. This should help though.

Here is a very simple step by step on how to do this. Just saying you’re plan above is going to exhaust you mentally, physically, spiritually and without some focus and consistency to ritual in this, he probably won’t come back. Follow the directions, make a point not to care about it once youre done with your ritual, do something else, catch a movie, read a book, meet up with some friends, paint, or make a sandwich.

I saw that but the only issue is I’m scared to call on any demons when I work so that holds me back from some of the spells on here.

Why would this not make him come back? Tbh I already feel like the chance is low. The chance should be higher since he cares/loves me and used to be obsessed but he’s being so stubborn now. That’s why I feel like I have to turn to extreme options.

I know the feeling and considering your situation its hard to focus on one thing so i think you should take it lightly and let go off the problem for a while
Then do the spell
If you repeatingly thinking about your ex coming back it wont work
So he is stubborn? Maybe do a strong spell…
And i have heard that stacking up more than one spells is not a good idea just do one …see if it works… if no try another one keep on trying …its all your will and intention

What would be like the strongest spell?

See even now you are doubting yourself whether it will work or not. First relax i know its hard but u gotta be calm

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I’m doing something similar, even though there is a person who maybe I’ll get to date I still have to figure the situation and time is passing. So I’m back at it with various individuals; I use affirmations and visualizations, sort of tiny spells or a working broken and performed in pieces.

The only spell i have read yo bring s lover back. Id invoquin. R spirts asmodeus, astatoth, berlzebuth and i tnk satan. It was so strong tat thr guy who sell it, told in paper to have a talisman for protection his own talisman. Acording to him. If u risk whitout talisman u will be in danger, physical speaking. Tru i have never read spell like his, nowhere, in 1000s of books and 4 languages i have read, his name is jhon de bruges, his booklets are a similar finbarr version if u knw tat.

Based on france,