Multiple Invocations with Sigils

Hello everyone, I would like to ask you all pertaining to invocations and sigils.

When you perform a ritual to multiple deities with their sigils when do you perform a banishing after each deitiy or after you finished with all deities.

Is it like this?

  1. 1st Demon, Angel or Spirit
  2. Banishing
  3. 2nd Demon, Angel or Spirit
  4. Banishing
  5. 3rd Demon, Angel or Spirit
  6. Banishing
  7. Final Demon, Angel or Spirit
  8. Final banishing

or is it like this?

  1. 1st Demon, Angel, or Spirit
  2. 2nd Demon, Angel, or Spirit
  3. 3rd Demon, Angel, or Spirit
  4. 4th Demon, Angel, or Spirit
  5. Banishing Ritual

I also incorporate the lbrp, kabbalistic cross before a ritual with my rituals. I burn the seals for each demon after I had asked them to perform a task.