Multiple Evocations

Here’s probably a couple very simple questions. I am trying to evoke every day and have been for a couple weeks now. Still not to the success that a lot of you guys talk about. Not frustrated though.

I am basically asking for the same thing everyday, which has not “manifested” yet. Am I on the wrong path by continuing to ask daily, and should I give it a rest? Even more than what I am asking for, I would like for the demon to materialize. Thus continuing to evoke… to get the ritual down and get results.

Honestly, what percent of the time does a materialization of the demon occur during evocation?

Thanks for all your help. Trying to keep my questions/posts to a minimum.

Hello There- I might suggest one does a Working (as I feel best to term magickal Ritual or whatever) just like one does any other action to influence… ie to affect current conditions. -More Specifically (for me) the first time you are acting on a situation that hasn’t been affected with sorcerous-current.

  Then any time after that, the Affect is still in Process (like the current situation has an "invis hand" drive it), or else the Affect has played out, so you are in another settled situation you seek to change.

The trick would be: to what degree can you tell which of the above 3 conditions it might be? (by your post it isn’t the first, but either the second or third- could be “Sensed” in different ways perhaps).

In short- from what you’ve written if I felt I was in a situation where forces are “in play” -I’d be primarily trying to sense where things are going/how best to set-sails to ride the wind/surf the waves (divinations and contact with Entities perhaps just via Sigil). As well as directing my entire thoughts to Removing Resistance and Obstructions to it arriving.

So if one assumes that the first request was heard and agreed upon (By a Spirit that would do such a thing- their nature and resonance)... then that first request set things in motion:  it could have shown up already, except for blockage (either within myself, or in my Enviro-Sit).  Thus how to ReLease that...  (also it may be something percolating more gradually).

in terms of % time materialization… that is more of how one has developed the skill of Evoking (structuring and resonance-field you sustain in a physical-concrete manner).
-in my view, substantial contact, and Prep Immersion are not just a step of a quick review of notes prior to ritual, but done prior to— thus already one is able to sense and feel their presence (however you and the Entity connect)… before the EVocation, which takes it further from there (and takes a bit).

 I mention that, as it seems posts recently by many in this forum seem to have a different view of what Prep Immersion might mean (or if all the steps are skipped)... anyway- I ref that as with those steps, ea Event is a step into the Nether-realm Xrds    (more related to doing HighIntensity BurnOut Workout, rather than related to writing out a list--- in terms of the exertion of the task of "Evoking" and the after-affect recovery).   2cents