Multiple Entities or Just ONE?

Greetings folks,

I have been confused over the topic of forming relationships with spirits/gods for quite some time. I am aware that to form a strong bond with a deity, I would have to invoke/evoke & work with that deity on some level regularly or even daily.

However, to be able to converse & interact with spirits, repetition is key & one needs to frequently communicate with spirits to advance their spiritual senses.

Now, the part that I am really confused about is:

Let’s say I am keen on forming a close relationship with ‘Entity X’ to learn from him, obtain assistance etc.

  1. Do I work with just ‘entity X’ daily until I have formed a strong bond with him and avoid evoking/Invoking ALL other spirits?


2.Work with ‘entity X’ daily, but also evoke other spirits on a regular basis to Improve my spirit communication skills & to master evocation?

I have a strong tendency to run off in different directions & end up spreading myself too thin over lots of things. So, I would like to clear this up. I do want to master evocation but I am quite confused with the relationship scenario.

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As long as you’re working with the entity you’ll be forming a bond with them, the more time you spend with them the stronger the bond of course, things like invocation, possession and offerings can help to strengthen it as well.

You could work with as many entities as you want but it’ll be easier to just focus on the one entity.

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If you think you’re likely to get distracted, pick a period of say one week to only work with that spirit, you won’t be losing anything too amazing in one week.


Alright, thanks! It’s just that some practitioners I’ve come across work with only 1-2 deities for years and when I express my desire to work & learn from different spirits from different pantheons, they always attempt to shame me or say I’m going down the wrong path and I should be serving the spirits etc. which just doesn’t resonate with me at all

More than anything you know your limits and how much effort you are willing to put forth. You will be drawn to certain things. :slight_smile:

I too tend to run off in different directions a lot, but I try to be as active as I can given any certain limitations.

I work with my god form/HS daily
I work with others hs/godforms a few days a week
I normally have one or two entities I work with for a string of days at a time 3-7 days
Then I also bring back atleast one entity I have worked with previously, at least once a week.
Every week or two I do mass invocations/evocations. (I pick a group of entities and that all are proficient with the thing I’m currently working on)

But that isn’t a set schedule, but close to what I do.