Multiple Energy Blocks in Head

Hey everyone!

So I’ve been performing the Blue Ray Meditation since April and I’ve seen a massive boost and a lot of healing to my energetic systems. The only thing is, there appears to be multiple energy blocks in my head, which is currently making it difficult for me to push my desires through my Ajna. Some of them are painful when I try to push through.

I’ve added in a specific meditation to focus wholly on the Ajna and I can feel it completely. It throbs, pulsates, hot and cold feelings which is all good. But as soon as I try to “push” I come against these energetic blocks.

Any ideas?

Try doing a cleansing on all 7 major chakras. That should cause the entire body to be cleansed as a result.

Perhaps a Kali or Ganesha cleansing mantra too? Burn some sage as you do it? Maybe that should get rid of the blocks.


Or push through it and spontaneous combust.

I think the above advice is good. Maybe see if there are attachments on you. And also examine what you are resisting…


Ajna is open from the Muladhara. This is the reason you feel stuck in the head. In reallity you are stuck in the colon.