Multiple demons on hard target?

This kinda goes along with a topic I just made on how does Amducius do mind control. I have a very important appointment coming up on the 4th of August, 2021, and I hardly ever get to see this person ( my Dr. I normally get to see 1 of his Nurse Practitioners, but he makes the decisions, so I need to influence him ). I tasked/petitioned Orias ( who I seem to have a good relationship with ) a year or so ago, which is more than enough time for him to have done this ( I have kinda been lusting for results, so I don’t fault him ).

Since this is so important to me and my well being, I was thinking of calling on Orias ( again ), King Paimon ( who has helped me in the past with this person ), Amducius, Dantalion, and Seer ( who has also helped me ) and tasking/petitioning each for the same results. I will be using DoM, ritual 2 for this, since it’s the system that works best for me. I will be calling on 1 of these demons per day until I have evoked and petitioned each of them for the purposes. Will this cause any or all of these demons to think I don’t trust them to do the job, thus offending them, or will they work together on this hard target? I’m aware that you can’t solve all problems by simply throwing a bunch of magick at it, but this is very important, I hardly get to see this target in person, and I really need these 2 ( pretty easy and not asking for much, simply asking for the “just out of reach” ) results. I would appreciate any experienced insights into this very pressing matter. Thank you


If your interested in reading a more organized and coherent way to work with multiple Goetic spirits in a layered working please read this to understand a new way to do this which has given fantastic results for me and my order mates. This system allows the spirits to cohesively attack the problem each from a different angle under the direction and leadership of one team leader spirit.

Feel free to .pm me if you have questions.



@anon25000386 Thank you. I will give it a read. I just didn’t want to offend any of the spirits by making them think I didn’t trust them to get the job done. A year is plenty of time for Orias ( who I have a good relationship with ) to do the simple tasks, which are his main specialty. This guy is a hard target that I rarely get to talk to in person, so I don’t want to fuck this up. Do you know how Amducius bends people to your will ( like, do they have to be present and you have to tell them, or can he just get inside their head and make them do what I petition Amducius for, or what )? Thanks again :slight_smile:


Actually bro I evoked Amducias less than a week ago. I answered in your other thread. If you have more questions just PM me. :sunglasses::+1: