Mudras and other such things

Lately i have been readings instructions for this magick or that, and I am coming up with "Perform this mudra, or that sign; evidently I have missed alot of something somewhere.
Does anyone know where i can read, learn and understand these concepts, mudras, and whatever motions and signs etc?

On your right hand,connect your ring finger and middle finger,while your pinky and index stretch as far as they can.With this finger,point to where you want the demons to materialize.Hold the sign of the horns with your left hand,only slightly above your head.

That particular mudra is used to summon a demonic legion.Not belonging to any particular demon,simply wandering the astral plane waiting for someone to summon and employ it.And these demons,are a versatile group,and can help you accomplish a lot of stuff.

Summoning them strains you,and a demonic legion cannot be your first evocation,mostly because you need to have something of a reputation(which I believe you do because of your ties to Belial and Azazel),which comes from frequently summoning demons.Or spirits in general.

That said,that isn’t an officially recognized mudra.

THat’s a list of mudras.In Julius Evola’s the Yoga of Power(there might be something useful for you in there) a mudra is defined as:
’‘a ritual bodily gesture,or posture,one of the five substances of secret rituals’’.

I hope that helps somehow.

They are like switches who close and open circuits.I use a lot of them and they work.Lately i’ve tried the mahashakti mudra and i was impressed by the energy i felt

Frater Dark Matter, an authority on the subject would be Geshe Kelsang Gyatso, who is known throughout the world as a meditation master, and yes the above post explains the purpose of them well. (Gyatso’s books have diagrams and explanations) also some of the books published by YOGA PUBLICATIONS TRUST are great authoritative texts from the East (I would highly recommend A Systematic Course in the Ancient Tantric Techniques of Yoga and Kriya by Swami Satyananda Saraswati.

I can expand on this a bit if you would like me too, I am fortunate in that I have a lot of resources close to hand. PM me if you like I don’t want to be seen to hijack your thread or at your discretion I can post directly to this thread.

You might want to look into these Kuji-in Mudra Seals
! No longer available
You can probably incorporate some of these in your meditations or practices