Mudra to Absorb Energy From Others

This one works.(at least for me).It is taken from the book ‘‘Helping your self with acupineology’’ from Geof Grey Cobb.Take a look at the palmistry mounts and then do the mudra when you’re in the auric field of other people,pointing at them.

According to the author,this gesture absorbs vital energy from others (if they have spare energy) ,leaving them with the necessary amount of flow,while giving you high peaks of it.

‘’‘Keeping your left
Jupiter and Saturn fingers as straight as possible, curl your Sun
and Mercury fingers into the palm of your hand to make contact
with the mount of Venus. Your thumb lies naturally
alongside your Jupiter finger.
You now have your fingers of health and communication
connected with the mount of attraction, while your stability and
abundance fingers project like twin antennas, supported by
your thumb, which helps with the rebuilding of your energy

Jupiter finger= Index finger
Saturn finger= Middle finger
Sun finger= Ring finger
Mercury finger= Pinky finger