Mstr evocation?

Where is the accompanying notebook that comes with the program? And if it has to do with the 7 day trial or what ever how can I waive my right to a refund, I dont want a refund when the 7 days is up but I would like to download the program now if at all possible. E.A. or Timothy, if you read this hit me up. Great course by the way. Only watched 4 of the million sections lol but its great!

Just write in to the helpdesk and tell them that you’d like to waive the waiting period in order to download everything!

E.A. quick response man for all the shit you have going on. That’s why I like your programs and books, not to often can you reach out and get an answer from the man.


I didn’t even watch anything, I just waived my trail period immediately lol. I knew that if the divination course was anything to go by, mastering evocation would blow it out of the water.