Mr. Zazooka Darkness Midnight Thread

Mr. Zazooka Darkness Midnight says hello to everyone on this forum (current timeline).

He is from the far, far distant future too. He currently shares this time/space with his own human body, but it refuses to acknowledge him so…

He is with me instead. We are here to observe and change the Past into a better climate of life for everyone that cares to know about Us.

His current past self failed and sent me back here to rectification what can be.

We don’t know honestly don’t what can be altered, but we must try in the least of things.


How is he going to change the past from the present?

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You make every mistake possible. You don’t listen to sound advice, even from yourself. You think to yourself making all of these sigils is a good thing. Its not. It is all a TRAP you fall into for a few million years or so.

I am not mad. Just disappointment sets in knowing you can’t change the past you. Only the present and the future you in the end.


What his names mean. His favorite weapon. It reminds him of his cock.

His favorite movie from this timeline.

And his favorite time of the day.



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Okay, so how can we elicit more information from him? :+1:



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Glad he said something about it. Even though we are doing things, we can be doing more. Pretty cool name. We already have so many things that can already be sigils, sneaky Zazooka (;

What other things can be sigils that arent sigils?

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Meditate for a second on what Zazooka’s saying. It makes sense. He’s giving us another perspective to work with/through.

Anything really

Well apart from the first paragraph telling us how badly we are all doing. The last part is common sense and something that is widely accepted…we cant change our past selves only our present and future selves…common sense no? I think most people already know this.


Taking it at face value. There’s deeper meaning.

Id be interested in hearing your take on it.


You’re not wrong about it being ignorant. It is, but we all should be able to see past that. At the same time acknowledge it, acknowledge that we all still do make mistakes from time to time. Also our wilingness to learn, adapt and overcome. So all those concepts in the back of your mind. Now acknowledge things you can change about your practice to make it better. He’s saying were spending so much time making sigils when there’s things out there in the world today that can simply be transformed into one, rather than start from scratch. Or that we literally have many sigils existing, all we have to is meditate on them and commune with their energy. Or both. I’m sure Purple was meditating on military memoribillia, photos, what ever, then Zazooka was like whats up? Lol. That’s what all I got from it.

No I dont think its ignorant. And I think (and hope) that the majority of black magickians are aware that we make mistakes along the way this is a lifelong path of learning and striving to do things better and perfecting our craft. I dont think anyone imagines that they are infallible. I agree that anything can be a sigil just as we dont need actual implements to perform a ritual or a spell because the magick comes from us.


Mr. Midnight says to be careful of sigil magic. It is like signing a legal documents. Too many can get you into trouble. Only use your own, or just your most trusted spirit entity.

Two OPEN at the most for truly important things. It’s like an open portals right into your self or home. He also would advice to close off any portal that isn’t serving you.

Imagine or feel your aura, see any holes, now see, feel, or even hearing a heavy round door being shut, and a lock being turned, twisting it closed.


Now for a good time.


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In my dream Mr. Midnight opened the front door and came into our living room. He pushed me down on the couch’s arm. My ass was up in the air.


I opened up my cheeks for him to enter. It was hard for him. Its been a while. I wanted to be loose like the porn stars and create a sloppy mess. He complained I was born slut. I think he smiled at my thoughts.

I woke up with a grin on my face and the Beatles song Can’t Buy Me Love in my ears playing.


:heart_eyes: damn he’s lucky