Mr. Sandman - Blackouts By Gods

How many of you deal with this? A god simply touching you and you are blacked out?
One of the gods I work with does this regularly.
He says, “think of it as a gift.” It truly is, for someone who is a super light sleeper and has trouble falling to sleep.

Who is YOUR Mr. Sandman…?


:rofl: yay! Lucifer puts me to sleep but gently not a knockout! :sweat_smile: king paimon knocked me out if I wake up sometimes! I can’t sleep longer than 2hrs straight… Bune also hushed me to put me back to sleep! :kissing_heart:


:thinking: can i know who?

I sent you a PM.

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I’ve had the opposite happen. I couldn’t sleep after a couple of meditations. One time it happened with Lucifer and the other time it was Azazel.


Odin knocked me off my feet once, it was incredible.

I was on a huge mountain biggest in my local country area, me and my apprentices were both doing a mass summoning of the God Odin.

He appeared as his warlord masculine form, upon his eight legged horse, he touched my third eye with his spear.

He blasted his power into my third eye and I fell on my ass, if it wasn’t for someone being there I wouldn’t probably just fell asleep.

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I have the opposite experience, they either hype me up, or change my mood, but no knock outs. Belial makes me feel like I want to go punch a grizzly bear…so I don’t evoke him before bed anymore because sleep isn’t happening after that. Asmodeus turns me into a confident charmer who could make a wall blush. Lilith makes me happy and cuddly and like I want to mother everyone. Lucifer sends me into research mode.

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Gaslighting much? I don’t think he gets to decide how such a thing is received.

I wouldn’t personally appreciate this sort of interference unless I asked for it or my consent was requested and I explicitly gave it.
I might just not work with an entity that thought it wold take liberties with me like that. Not impressed.

Empathetically feeling something from them when invoking is a different thing though. That’s often part of how I communicate, it’s not them ‘doing’ something to me I didn’t ask for.

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:rofl: I agree with you but for someone who struggles to fall and stay a sleep it’s a gift!
If I can call someone to knock me out every night I would do it… :thinking: sleeping pills dosnt work on me that much and I don’t like the headaches of it… any caffeine would keep me awake for days…

I was going to go to sleep, anyway. So no…it wasnt rude, or gaslighting. It IS a gift, for me.

I also have my own personal Mr. Sandman, I receive it as a teasing :grin: