Moving to USA, does that make sense?

By Lilith’s tits!
~So thats why got such gunlaws:

No, that’s how I felt just looking around.

Not for the kind of things magicians do. Check out what is happening with the Dastur of the Church of Ahriman in Oklahoma.


The what of…what?
~Let me guess, its that fat guy who showed off what a douchebag he is, by calling kurtis and E.A. names, regarding something his tiny religious mind doesn’t understand.

So it happened, just because of the very nature of the place?

Lol, yep, that’s the guy! LMFAO! He seems off the deep end, but my point is that there are some parts of the country where non-christian beliefs are still persecuted. The area of America this is happening in is part of what we call the Bible Belt, and for good cause. Just being an open atheist in some of the more extreme towns can turn you into a pariah. The world thinks of us as one country, and in a way we are, but it is huge. States can be as foreign to each other legally, culturally, socially, economically, religiously, etc as individual nations. They are simply overseen and augmented by the federal government.


right…i mean: its called the “united states”,
and texas for example, is bigger than germany.

Its probably as bigs as germany and austria combined.

Anyway, back to the fat guy: So… what happened to him?
What did those ‘lovely christians’ to him?

Honestly would anyone really miss California as this point? Cause i’m kind of hoping kim jong-un fucking won’t.



Lol I’m in Texas and you can get a gun anytime anywhere if you got the cash.


Tell me please: how is Texas?
Is it really as bad as google maps shows it?

The opposite of Massachusetts. Everyone is fundamentalist born again Baptist Christian. Sweet as pie, but bless your heart you don’t hear what they say about you when you walk away.


Well…i’m glad that they would at least give me the guns to protect my ass from them :frowning:
~BUT: That also could be fun, don’t you think? To be the “devil of the county” or something :3

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Diabolism certainly has a power of its own

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I guess it does XD
~its one way to obtain confidence, thats for sure :3

But back to the importend stuff:
If i would stay there, with or without visa, what could some german dude do to make some cash?

Same as Georgia, my neighbor rides his harley to work everyday with a Colt 45 on his hip…Why? BECAUSE THE SECOND AMENDMENT IS WHY MOTHERFUCKERS!!! :grin:


Well…that is not allways a bad thing, you know? XD
Some milfs are more than mindblowing LoL

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And we’re neighbors!


Hm… iv8888 stated often that the law is a bit more strict in georgia.
~and if i migrate illegally, i shouldn’t draw too much attention :open_mouth:

Do you have any suggestions what i could work there?

Nope. I get a visa and just stay the fuck there.
And i would try to enter the US with as much distance as possible to the place i wanna stay in.

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They’ll build a special wall just for you! :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s very hard not to find a job in america, now a lot of it may be shit you don’t want to do, but if you need to eat, you need to eat so suck it up and do it.

There is one county down here where you can’t own a house unless you own a gun…And guess what? There ain’t no fucking crime there. who’da thought that? :thinking::grin: