Moving to USA, does that make sense?

You guys in the US, what do think?
-How are vibes looking? (Have you sensed some sort of danger, out of that area??

I heard about those texas-german people with their “denglisch” and so on,
so i guess to know to who i could go, in case if none of you guys would think about welcoming me.

Texas is big. A lot of area where noone will ever see what kind of stuff i would do.

Even as foreigner…i could get, at least a black powder revolver with a cartridge conversion cylinder, without the sight of paper work or too much talk with the shop assistant. That way, my “english” wouldn’t cause too much unwanted attention, and i wouldn’t be defenseless.

I just don’t know what kind of work i could do there -more or less legal.

~Please give me your thoughts on that topic.

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Why texas? California is a fuck fest of different people.

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Because it is california.
~If a citizen has trouble with defendeing themself, a more or less legal migrant (moi) would end up in even bigger trouble.

A alternative to texas… could be the bayou and new orleans. But there woulb be similar problems.
But i have to admit: texas itself could get me killed XD


I don’t really think you need to fear for your life imo.


Ok, forget it: i can only “know” what kind of information i could research…
~you guys live there, you gotta know better :o

If it were that easy, then i could stay aswell, but safety and freedom are impossible.
~They are directions in which we can go, but they are nothing we can achieve.

The ability to defend my ass, especially in a different country -and especially if its america,
that would be pretty good to have.

Where do you live? :thinking:

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In Massachusetts where I am they are very friendly towards people from all over, but there is a trade. You will have a very hard time getting guns of any kind here without paperwork and permits. Even for black powder you have to show ID, but you really do not need one here. Nothing big enough to attack you in the woods is common and you can’t carry it on the street. IDK, I do not like it here. The state government is extremely overeaching in how they insert themselves into the lives of the public, and it is hopelessly liberal. My family and I are moving to New Hampshire within the next year for these exact reasons. I love New Hampshire. Low population, astounding forests, lakes and mountains, no sales tax, very few gun regulations, and their ideals more closely align with ours. They value privacy and personal freedom there. State motto? “Live free or die”. The economy is not great, but because of the vast wilderness there are many ways to supplement your income if you are creative. That black powder rifle will get plenty of use up there for hunting, and there is very little violence. Paganistic and occult practices are easier to get by with up there. There are actually quite a few metaphysical and spiritual festivals in the state all year. The airsoft, fishing and hiking scenes are par excellence as well.


You should be fine so long as you use common sense when dealing with people. Like anywhere else we have The good,bad, crazy and the weird :grin:

Then again i live in the capitol which is the city of the weird. :sunglasses:


As far as i understand it: the liberals are not interested in liberty -right?

Sounds really good![quote=“Woodsman81, post:7, topic:17494”]
That black powder rifle will get plenty of use up there for hunting

i just read that silencerCo has developed the first 50 states legel, suppressed black powder rifle.,
but i was too pricy! -i mean… 1000$?!

Anyway: it sounds great so far :smiley:


Not exactly. I honestly have no issue with true liberals, but these are of the far left variety. Perhaps non-lethal liberal extremists would be a better way to word it.

It is.You could take a different trail to do a ritual on every day of the year for two years and not even cover one county in most parts of the state.

There is no practical use for a black powder suppressor. You will get one shot, and that should cause undue damage as you will be outside. When practicing, just invest in good ear protection.

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So…naive people with a suicidal disorder?

-They also ignore the fact that armed “cis”-men are protecting them.

Still… if i go to that place, will i have to find some work.
-I can’t hunt all year long, and that wouldn’t be good for health anyway.

IF i get the visa, it will be only temporary, and illegally could it become hard to find any work whatsoever.

Sure thing, i just mentioned it.

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Canada’s pretty chill, just saying :laughing:

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vaguely read through the other messages so not sure if anyone said this already.
first moving countries is an expensive and monumental task,
as for safety, really most of the violence you hear about america happen in only a handful of the bigger cities.
as for what states to avoid, i would avoid california and new york to start, solely based on the fact they are the states that have the highest cost of living / taxes


What about fracking? It polutes the water and the air.
~And noone will ever get something for their damage.

The first state i thought about -texas, because i kinda felt drawn to it,
is itself full of that shit…
~the pictures from the google maps is frightening, there is so much shit going on…

And if i look at the map, i kinda forget the reason why i wantet to texas in the first place.
A lot of spae does look like this, or similar with some obscure things.

Hm… it has even pretty much the same climate and everything…but better :o

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Sure… thats because i wasn’t sure how legal i wanna stay there.
the visa costs, the tickets costs, the hotel/motel costs, rent?

The more i think about the costs, the less do i believe, that i will get there in less than a couple of years.
Texas? What a wasteland, i’m such a idiot.

It seems evident now, that only own success in magic will make any of this possible.

Damn! -I guess i should start to work on more servitors.

I don’t know about that. There is a kind of surreal rapture you can fall into in the badlands, especially at night with a large moon. Half shamanic, half Lovecraftian, 100% beautiful. I don’t know about any of the economics of the region, and socially I have no clue. Just visited. They also have science fiction sized cinnamon buns.


I’ll be honest, the whole visa thing didn’t even come to mind, that and I have no clue about that whole process.
texas isn’t too bad, though you are right it is essentially a desert waste land. The mid west is often over looked , but nice and quiet from what i hear


:heart_eyes::smile_cat: i guess that should be enough to get myself over the border.
-just kidding


Did you a ritual there? Or did it came by itsself ?

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