Moving Spirit

I’m looking for a spirit to help me move out my place. This apartment in witch I live in has a curse. This Curse was placed over 31 years ago. I’ve tried moving out plenty of times but yet to no avail. Every time I have tried there is always some thing thats holds you back. The curse was made to damn those that live here before we moved in. At the time we did not know that. Ever since, we can’t get out. We have tried EVERYTHING!!! From outside help to spiritual help. I have gone to readers, Priest, and have done spiritual cleansing of all sorts.

One of the reasons I’ve joined this group is because I truly believe in the BALG Movement. I’ve seen this system work for me so far. I know there is a way. I’m wholeheartedly reaching out for help.

Please! I seek a better life. Any spirits that you can recommend would be hugely be appreciated.

Thank you!!!