Moving pendulum from a stand

Has anyone ever did this before. Or seen it done. I have not.

I have always seen people holding the pendulums when asking questions and it moves. But I also see on Amazon they sell those stands where it hangs down from.

Would you say if enough energy is fed is that like the point of those can the pendulum on its own move freely answering your questions from the stand?

Essentially I’m asking if it’s possible to use a pendulum without touching it and it’s hanging freely. But it’s still subtly moving to give your answer. No wind draft either.

If not I suppose since spirits of the air can help with divination through the air from what I learned then perhaps one could call the spirits of the air forth to assist with the pendulum unless you have another spirit using it🤓 I don’t know.

Some context: I’m asking this question because I’m preparing to work with vual and his pendulum. I had this project in mind for a bit where I can have a pendulum dedicated for vual to use. So my only theory is if a spirit like that is using the pendulum or if it at least holds there energies somehow then maybe it’ll be strong enough to move on its own like that? I don’t know cause then again the spirit would TECHNICALLY be manipulating the physical right in front of your eyes. Not saying they can’t do this just I’m wondering if do to the amounts of energy usage idk if it’ll be likely. That’s why I’m asking this question :blush:

I think the stands is only for display purposes.

The way a pendulum works is that your subconscious moves your hand to get to the answer. Can’t do that if you’re not touching it.

Its got nothing to do with spirits as far as I know, unless you mean your own.

Telekinesis is a different thing. Combining telekibesis and pendulums is an interesting thought. :thinking: But if you’re that god you probably don’t need s pendulum anymore as you may have moved into clairsentience or clairsudience.


And the spirits uses our subconsciosness as a tool to communicate with us?

Yes, exactly. Your subconscious is the one talking to them, and it passes the info on to your conscious mind in whatever way you have trained it to. This is why “opening the 3rd eye” is a metaphor not literal.

Perhaps If the spirit is controlling it. It could be talking to our own subconscious making it move in a certain direction? Interesting thought