Moving Candle Lemon 3rd Pentacle Of Mars Break Up Spell

This is the spell from my original profile picture and Grimoir. It was a powerful breakup spell I did on behalf of a friend.

You can use any size black candles as long as you can move them apart. (Larger candles or at least knob candles are best for this work)

2 Black candles
1 Lemon
Red pepper
Chilli pepper
Salt & Pepper
Poppy Seeds
Black Mustard Seeds
Name papers, one for each person to be broken up
3rd Pentacle of Mars
(Optional) Break up or commanding oil

The lemon is to be cut down one side ( DO NOT cut thru and make two clean halves) Also scoop out a bit of the pulp to make a cavity on each side. Save pulp for later.

Then add each name paper to opposite sides of the lemon.

Now fill the open lemon with a bit of your asafotida powder then your red pepper and chilli pepper and so on. When you have added all the spell items pour some of the vinegar onto it. If you have any oils add a few drops now. Next add the removed lemon pulp back into the lemon.

Take some black heavy duty or craft thread and stitch that bitch up. I put mine in a glass cause it will bleed a bit. (It seemed to bleed more each day which symbolically I loved)

Now place your candles together with the lemon behind them and the pentacle in front.

Twice a day move your candles apart about a half an inch or so while moving your lemon glass forward and the pentacle backwards.

Do this until the lemon is complety between the candles and the pentacle is directly beneath the lemon.

Then continue to separate the candles day by day as long as they are burning. Do not move the lemon in the glass or the pentacle; leave them where they are.

In the very end the two candles should still be burning but not be visible to one another.

When done take the lemon and the pentacle and any other spell remains and throw them in the dumpster. Fuck burying it. You want their relationship to be in the trash.

Now forget about it.