Moving an object to astral realm Possible?

Technically they are from the spirit realm but have come through in the astral as well. I feel like i live life as a spirit more than a human sometimes lol being a spirit momma is an example of it


sometimes I feel that I lost my humanity, but I think it’s Important to feel human on earth’s surface


Agreed. When you lose touch on the “earthly” side you lose touch with part of yourself. We’re all here for a reason after all.


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What @Healing_Heart said - create the object in the astral using the physical object as the template.

If you don’t want the physical object to exist destroy it.

Nothing physical exists in the astral plane, by definition, physical things exist in the physical, astral in the astral, that’s why they’re different planes.


The thing is I want to hide something and get it back

Dematerialisation and re-manifestation take many years of development and magickal skill, and I don’t know anyone that can do it even among the worlds best-known strongest mages. It’s the end goal of the pathworking in Ordo Ascensum Aetrynalis.

Just bury it. Look into geocaching for ideas.


I’ll share something else that Kiltan told me. One of the reasons that makes the physical desirable in the first place, is it’s semi-permanence.

If you dematerialise and object and recreate it, it can look and feel exactly like the original, but it will never me.

This doesn’t matter for most things, but imagine it’s a family heirloom, like a grandmothers wedding ring where there were other rings created that look like, it, but it’s that specific ring and it’s history that matters. It doesn’t matter that you can recreate the energy down to the tiniest link to the old rings history, but you cannot undo the memories that you know it’s not the same ring. It’s not and will never be, and is very unlikely to get back the same sentimental attachment.

Now imagine the astral and even more subtle realms, the realms of the entities - nothing in permanent and everything takes energy (awareness) to exist. If a thing is completely forgotten about by all entities, it effectively despawns. There is no accidentally finding your grandmothers ring in the attic where no one know it was there - it would fade away and be lost, much like fabric turns to dust in the physical. (Again, this is Kiltan’s example and description, it’s hard to describe the images and emotions he gave me around it)

So the physical’s semi-permanence is very valuable, especially for a species living in slow time as we are. It buys time to explore, create and play with things, including hiding them and dealing with problems they cause with that semi-permanence. It’s not the same in the subtle realms.

I have seen fancy crystal buildings that had entities at each corner who’s sole job it was to keep the building existing and functional in it’s complexities. The building was like a tall appartment/skyscarper and lived in by any entities but they weren’t there all the time - and that could mean centuries away for them. Rather than recreate comfort it all the time servitor-like entities held it in place. We have to maintain buildings here too, but not by constant magickal effort.
Such is the benefit of the physical.

UPG disclaimer - this sounds quite mad, and many mages/mystics have these sorts of UPG and they’re all different and crazy-sounding, and that’s why we don’t often glurge them online. But for some reason this felt useful to share.

The upshot for the OP is, it’s all very well to create stuff in the astral, it happens all the time as people’s houses including the furniture have this happen automatically to an extent, hence why ghosts can sit down - they’re sitting on your astral couch, or the fading version of their old beloved armchair (note, the ‘beloved’ part matters)… but if you create an astral thing, be prepared to check in on it and maintain it.


Does it need to be constantly maintained? Or does it have a period like a few weeks before it fades away without attention.

I think it depends on how much you put into it in the first place, but a few days should be fine as far as I have seen.

I mean, when traumatic events occur, the massive amount of emotional energy causes them to create an astral imprint that can haunt a place for centuries and be picked up in the physical, and even get recorded into quartz in the area. I’m sure that gets a bit of rejuvenation from sensitives and tourists, but that’s a long time to fade.
But a small experimental, nondescript box that only you know about and put all of 3 seconds into, might fade within hours or days.

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I have seen expensive looking physical items like jewellery and precious stones in asmodeus’ palace. Also for a long time it’s been said the djinn can do such stuff so yes. I think it’s possible to move physical things to the etheric even your body

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Yes I believe you can move your body to higher planes after doing lots of alchemy and other energy work on it.

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The transfer of an object to another plane is less about the process of moving, and more about the process of “realization”, alignment of the planes.

Realize it’s existence in a plane, and depending on your experience, it goes from there.

I would love to say anything it possible, and sure, I’ll give you that, eventually anything is possible, but you have to ask yourself if you think it’s possible for you. Can you see it in your mind? Does it feel right? If so, and if it’s REALLY so, then perhaps you’re closer than you think, but if not, and this is most CERTAINLY the case, lest you have lost your sanity, then work at your level, what you think you’re capable of.

And good luck :smiley:

Both this effect and the opposite one allegedly occurred in some seances, with “powerful” mediums. If there was a way to ascertain what did actually happen… Either they were frauds or this may be replicated, as well as transposed in a magickal/ritual setting.

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