Üç Harfliler: Beddua (2018 - Full HD) - YouTube . This if free on youtube. Different from most I have seen. Is there such a curse ?. Not sure what topic to place this. Also it’s in a foreign language. Close caption showed the english.

Can you describe the curse?
I don’t want to wade through a subtitled movie to figure out what you’re asking.


One innocent , nice, friendly girl was harassed by 3 jealous girls, one of which claimed this girl had a her face on a certain man’s phone. One of the 3 girls pushed the 1st girl over and she hit her head on the ground and almost died. A red robed voodoo woman saved the girl from death and worked through the ‘now’ crippled girl to take vengeance on the other 3 girls… ““This virtuous name El Kahhar is repeated to destroy the heartless enemy””. ( quote from movie ) The 1 hour 12 minute section where the old man starts talking about the curse. 1 hour and 13 minute section gets to the point of the curse.