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Another Demonic Influence reading I did to help gauge accuracy.

I only read three planets and one Aspect so it’s not nearly as fine tuned as a full chart reading. I did this reading for someone in order to help cultivate better accuracy. The person said it was very accurate, thankfully! Because if not, then I would have to start all over orz.

Murmur over the Sun in 1st House : Murmur is a demon who teaches philosophy, however he is best known by occultists for his work with necromancy and power over the dead. He is a gleaming warrior who wears a crown upon his head, and he is preceded by trumpets. You may appear to be excessively intimidating to people, but in a way that brings forth admiration from others when they begin to get to know you. You have a demanding and controlling personality, but not one that is overtly domineering. You know what you want and like, and you are perfectly capable of articulating that without bullshit. Murmur knowledgeable in necromancy may lead your immediate, surface desires into darker or more taboo areas of life. You know what you know, and know what you don’t know, again with very little bullshitting, and find good middle ground between admitting when you don’t know something as well as being able to find someone who Does know what they’re talking about in order to help you or help someone else succeed. You seem to also admire the fine details, going back into his philosophical roles. The details are what help give life its flavors, so enjoying and/or questioning all the small things could be a source of “fun” for you.

Bune over Moon in 9th House : Bune is another Necromantic demon. You may be attached to material objects emotionally, and find deep sentimentality. You may also find yourself deeply attached to money, perhaps preferring to hoard money rather than spend it, in order to make yourself feel good or better. Thankfully it doesn’t seem you will have any problems with overspending, but perhaps you might get too attached to objects and it may make you seem shallow or materialistic to others as a negative thing. It doesn’t have to be and you can find people who are fine with how you are. Bune is also a demon evoked for keeping the peace between individuals. In the 9th house, Bune may influence your life towards being able to read people’s deeper emotions, not necessarily being an empath but being particularly attuned to other people’s needs and utilizing material objects to help soothe or satisfy them. The deep sentimentality here, you probably take a lot of time and effort finding something for someone else to be emotionally attached to as a gift. Bune is a bit of a dreamer, and may like to influence you to get to know someone’s dreams, desires, and pleasures to better help you emotionally connect with them.

Cimejes over Mercury in 1st House : Cimejes is a demon who helps people become soldier-like and masculine, even dominant, but helps prevent domineering natures, as soldiers are still meant to work together as a unit, as a group. He teaches rhetoric, logic, and speech. He opens the channels for excellent communication, and he may be immensely helpful in that Mercury Retrogrades might not affect you nearly as much as others in regards to communicating with others. He helps influence you to speak clearly, concisely, and with precision to exactly what you mean. Communication here, he influences, is exceptionally important to you. Opening channels for communication is first and foremost, to both get to know someone but also make sure you are well understood as completely as possible. Here it also seems that, while details are important to you regarding Murmur’s influence, you can also know and understand when details can be ignored or are unimportant to communicate, especially so that you don’t waste time, breath, or energy going on and on about a subject, or spend too much time in an area that doesn’t need the effort.

Cimejes and Bune Work Together : Where Bune may help you cultivate sentimentality to certain objects, especially to help you get to know others, Cimejes helps you understand the details as to why so you can better understand who you are with. Cimejes inadvertently helps you obtain philosophical knowledge in this way, cultivating an understanding of other people through the material objects they accumulate, their collection hobbies, as well as helps you communicate with another person to find exactly what it is that can make them feel. Not just happy, just help them feel in general, whether that means helping someone else get a good cry through watching a favorite movie, or helping them understand themselves better through trinkets.


I’ve been wanting to write about this specifically for some time. It’s been a couple years, but I think I can articulate it well enough.

At night I had contacted Beelzebub. I wanted to know more about the fire in my back and chest, the fact it feels like my skin could just melt away and I could be something totally different. I’ve felt it before, at least something similar, like my spine could slither out of my body and it turns out that feeling was that of a snake. I’ve felt it for a very long time, for years. I had even looked into therian, otherkin, and alterhuman communities but this feeling didn’t perfectly fit the phantom limb that otherkin and spiritually inhuman or possessed people felt. This was different. It wasn’t that I wasn’t human, or that I was meant to be nonhuman, rather it was simply a manifestation of my soul. I could feel it. That semantic was important.

It had eventually began to feel like a snake. Slithering inside me, but at the same time it was me. It was my spine, trying to be shaken out of my body. I looked, just in case, at medical reasons this could be happening, as I like to make sure to check off the mundane before I immediately jump to spiritual things. But again, the symptoms didn’t perfectly match and, while I had a slight (fixable) curve in my spine a doctor confirmed, it wasn’t caused by that.

I evoked Beelzebub into a mirror, concentrating. It was actually my first mirror scrying, and I could see him so clearly, so perfectly, in the dark with the candle into the mirror. He had the face of an elderly man mixed with a primate, and classic “devil horns” on his head. His face blinked in the mirror as I communicated, and I fell into a trance, appearing in the astral before him. I asked him about it, and he confirmed it was my restless spirit needing to be released. I asked him, as a demon of transformation, what I should do, and he guided me into deeper trance.

A few times after that, I would perform a simple ritual. I learned that, in certain rituals, movement is how I fall into trance the best, not unlike the movement of a snake. I would fall into the astral, I would kneel and lower my face andhead into the floor, covering my eyes, and my spine would slither out, transformed into the snake, my human body but an empty shell as I saw the world through my spirit’s eyes.

When I joined this forum perhaps a month ago, a few members mentioned my godform in the scanning thread as a snake, to which I was pleasantly surprised.

As Beelzebub guided me, my form would take shape. In one sequence, I slithered through tall prarie grass like a sea of gold. My spirit wove through the grass, and I was met with the spirit of my enemy at the time. Beelzebub guided me there to take my revenge. So I opened my mouth and bit them on the ankle. Realizing I was venomous (or perhaps I became venomous) I released toxins into their ankle, and I slithered backwards, suddenly back into my physically human body. I cursed and poisoned their relationships, everything they had fell apart, everyone hated them, even their gods.

At another time, I began to have a slightly different feeling, as if in my shoulder blades, as though something should burst from them. I refused to think of it as wings. To be honest, that just always feels cringey to me, to think I’m special enough to have celestial features in any way. But sometimes things just turn out that way. As someone who also hates the idea of destiny and fate, that, too, haunts me through Shakespearean Dramatic Irony.

As I evoked Beelzebub once more, this time through a new, black mirror I acquired just for this kind of work, I saw his visage, then plumage growing from his face as it turned, transformed into the vague figure of a bird, and the longer I sat the more it became, and I saw a very haunting, very real image of a solid white cockatiel turn towards me with jarring, jagged movements, like a machine that hadn’t been oiled. It frightened me at first because I’ve never seen such clarity through the mirror before, but it made sense in that moment.

I made a super sigil made of multiple written lines all combined into one. I put up a small altar, burning a candle and oil I made, I meditated for about half an hour uncomfortably before in trans my spirit finally released, cracking open from my back like an egg. It was a normal cockatiel with the yellow feathers and the red cheeks.

Beelzebub is a very wise demon. His help with transfiguration, soul manifestation, and godforming is above and beyond.


I’ve been keeping track of my spells and rituals for a while. I need to update and add all my recent workings, though. Thankfully I do journal them when I make them so I don’t have to rely solely on memory, I just like to refine them when I put them in my digital grimoire for future use.




Another look at the group curse.

Everyone is starting to do miserably or much worse than before. ND, KR, and JN are still doing a bit well, but worse than before. Maybe I can fracture them a little more just to make the push on all seven targets harder. VN and MC are indefinitely doing much worse, which is great. They’re my central targets, the whole group would be nice to fuck up but I’m specifically dividing this group of people in order to entirely isolate MC and VN so they won’t have a support system after destroying each other.

I also checked in on a curse I cast last year. The person, VT, is doing a little OK but they will definitely be having a hard crash again soon. The curse I’ve placed on them last time is one so that they squander every opportunity, lose sight of regulation, and fail due to obsessive excess. To be very brief and vague. Perhaps I’ll share it since it’s been going on for 3 years successfully. They’ve been fired countless times and it looks like another failure is brewing up.

I do love when curses go well.

I also did another planetary pentacle recently, we’ll see how that one goes.


It’s been a while. I haven’t been publicly journaling as per the preference of my relationship to my ancestral gods and the protection of sacred practices I have been taught.

I’ve been working daily which has just been a bit more import than showing off online. At times I do wish I could share with others, but I know if I do much of the work, either sacred to my people or simply hard work to discover new techniques, would be stolen. Thus I’ve been quiet.

On the latter, techniques I have made or discovered, I have been writing bits and pieces down I would eventually like to publish, at least that way I have my name on it as a minor source of income. But beyond that, I’m keeping my sacred practices to myself and my community. Such is life.

Working with a being I can share somewhat however:

The Vampire has been teaching me quite a lot regarding magic and energy work. I had been given a reading done time ago saying my solar plexus was blocked. The Vampire confirmed and gave me several exercises not only to restore it, but to overall train my magic prowess, fine tune it, especially for astral spellcasting.

It will eventually come back around to actual vampirism but I had requested his mentorship in other areas, as well. It’s good to get back into working with him. I had worked with him for a few years but all of last year I essentially took a full magic break to finish my academic studies. Now I’m Free™ and have all the time in the world.


Edit to add: This isn’t about anyone on BALG

Lol someone with barely a year of experience has been waving their metaphorical dick around and trying to suppress others for telling them they’re Not actually hot shit. Don’t cross someone who has far more practice than you. They’re lucky I’m going light on them. It’s just a binding curse to force them to choke on their ego and get snuffed out by the community. Eat shit and learn better.


Made galdrastafir on black paper, bound it with red thread, chanted galdr, and pulled the strings of seidr.

Edit: a close up of the stave (I do not recommend recreating)


I saw the beginning results of this curse first hand and was fairly impressed if I do say so myself. Again, it’s not a big curse, mostly just a binding I made when I was mad at the time.

For additional context, someone in another community was being exceptionally rude and specifically insulted me while insisting they were all powerful despite only practicing for a very short time (the latter I’m used to and usually roll my eyes at, but seriously? you need to talk down to me and others to feel better about yourself? lol).

Thus the binding played on the target’s insecurities and currently they are backpedaling and facing backlash from others. Usually when someone acts out like that, they are extremely insecure. I hope this will push them to take a good, hard look at themselves. And if not, oh well, they’ll feel worse. Mercury Retrograde is really fuckin around with people’s communication rn I guess. I’m just sitting here watching it all go up in flames now lol

It reminds me of a time I actually took an apprentice, and after I said the apprentice was being a bigot for calling someone a slur she tried to curse me (after only 3 months of learning basic magic). Not only did her curse not work at all, I cursed her back for everyone to hate her, and she lost everyone she loved (all her family, friends, boyfriend, and was kicked out). I could very well have done worse and I hope she knows that.


It’s been a while, and I’ve done several workings i simply haven’t written or posted about, but here’s one I feel I can post.

I did a working calling Archangel Michael, Och, and Nakiel in tandem with creating and consecrating a pentacle of the Sun. Probably my favorite pentacle, as it’s worked tremendously before. Even the talisman by itself without additional ritual is amazing; i gave one to my friend so they could copy and do it themselves but they ended up not needing to, the one I gave them allotted them enough money and opportunity to finally buy a good, reliable car within the week despite trying all year.

We’ll see how this one will manifest, as I wrote and burned my petitioned desire written in gold acrylic on black linen paper.

I also recently re-cursed a long-time curse target. The ones I have in place are still in effect but i want to build more. I petitioned Marbas, knowing a few things about my target I was reminded of:

  1. they have a uterus
  2. they have a fallopian tube insertion to prevent pregnancy
  3. it broke and the damage has been causing them tremendous pain for years on their period
  4. they cannot get a hysterectomy due to laws in the area

I did a reading on them to see what I can curse. It appears new pregnancy may be in their future. I asked Marbas to rot their uterus, to cause them pain and force them to be unable to fix it. I hate the laws of my area, but I can use those laws to destroy my target much more deeply than I have before. Marbas divined to me this can begin the next day. It has been a week and I have specifically avoided thinking about them in order to allow the work to manifest. I have a friend who hates them as much as I do but has connections to tell me about them so I will update both this curse and my Sunday petition when the time is right.


They look like they are pewter. If that helps at all? Don’t know if you prefer old or brand new ones?

Found this;
Majestic Giftware CS207N Candle Sticks, 6.75-Inch, Nickel Plated, Silver


Made a new journal for posting specific recipes, spells, etc

I’ve taken up worshiping an old god again, and trying to get the right things to properly worship him. I have feathers and a basin, though doing research in both english and spanish is minimal simply due to the rarity of his existence, but i am glad to (re)add him to my pantheon. im planning a devotional artwork to him, especially now that ive acquired a beautiful set of deep paints. i probably won’t share much else about him, but it’s a time of year where my workings shift around again.


I got through like 10 posts and this is an absolute Gold Mine. Thank you for sharing.

I’m going to read this at leisure when I can do it the most Justice.

How’d I miss this for so long.


Your drawings are lovely! They’re beautiful! :heart_eyes:

I read through all of this, it was a delight and inspirational too!


The recent sun pentacle working is doing great, but I’m still waiting for final results. I will have to see how the curse is doing. I honestly forgot I’ve done one, so I’ll either ask a friend if they heard anything or I’ll do a reading later. I’m certain it worked, I’d just like to know how it manifested. The person I cursed I’ve cursed many times before, each one worked incredibly well but in interesting ways.

A curse I’ve done some time ago (before joiining BALG I think?) ended up making them move far away from me and my friends at the time, which is great. I’ll be working on a slowburn series of curses to make them lose everything now that they are so far away from everyone (not just me and my friends, but their friends as well, so no one can help them if they are in trouble).

The god I’ve begin working with again has been magnificent. He is both cataclysmic destruction as well as gentle return. A god of death, knowledge, wisdom, earthly things, and the spark of life inside all living things. He has many, many more aspects to him, but I won’t share them here. He is a surprisingly gentle god, and very confident. His holiday is coming up, as well. I have drafted a painting for him that I would love to add to his altar. He feels like home.

To update a few other things I’ve posted:

A lot of people lost faith in this person and the community eventually shut down. It basically imploded from what I understand. The community really sucked, but I left it not long after I cursed the person. There was another person in that community that I cursed:

They went silent for a long time before the community finally just collapsed on itself. They were usually a talkative individual, so I guess whatever I did either had internal conflicts among those mods or something else. Regardless, both of these worked well. Glad I don’t have to deal with them anymore.


It’s been a long time since I bothered to think about these people but to my understanding, they have lost pretty much everyone around them. While I would have enjoyed if everyone would have been destructed, instead they all just sort of drifted apart. Which is fine, probably the extent of this curse among so many people anyway.

I have one last belonging to the individual I wanted to destroy, so I might use it and burn it for one final “fuck you” curse.

I did a brief reading just now, and it looks pretty rough:

They’ve become extremely lazy with no effort to move themselves forward. While they have friends willing to help them, they’ve been stewing by themselves, unwilling to accept help and being generally a coward about their situation. They’ve been extremely indecisive (a quality I prodded knowing it is a major weakness of theirs). It looks like they’ve either been suffering deep bigotries or prejudice against them (which is possible) or that they have become extremely reclusive. Probably both, actually, since I know about them and most of their general situation IRL. They have been receiving a long streak of misfortune since I’ve cursed them.

This one was interesting:

They have become an extremely toxic couple. They refuse to tell each other their problems with one another, don’t respect each other’s sexual boundaries, they’re holding on to each other without actually being passionate for one another or caring about each other. They try to support each other in their individual endeavors, but they’re extremely jealous of each other and it keeps showing. As far as I’m aware they’re still together, but they’ve been destroying each other. Their toxicity last I checked had been putting a huge damper on their relationship.

Alright, I think that’s everything I needed to update on. I’ve just been lazy lol


I read always when you write new contents!You are fantastic :grinning:


I have a few more sigils to add to my grimoire thread I’ve just been too lazy to redraw them digitally. Also have a few more spells I’ve done lately with good results, I just need to write them.

The sun pentacle has brought me much opportunity, I just need to take it the right way at the right time.

I got a reading from Mike_Bee, and it was pretty good. I evoked all the demons he mentioned all together as a court and honored each of them by oiling their sigils and giving some of them more specific offerings.

I was interrupted in the middle of the ritual and prepared to start completely over, especially as I hate something so rude, but they all forgave me warmly and requested I only repeat the enns to continue the ritual.

I don’t use the Triangle of Art but decided to be more official this time, so I politely asked them to go into the triangle (rather, it was an astral one and creating the physical one was more symbolic), and they were very polite and more than willing to do so. To be fair, all the demons Mike mentioned were ones I have specifically had connections with, some as mentors for years.

I want to write another article. I’ll probably get to it later, I’ve been very busy.

Edit: Oh ! I also made perfume, but it needs to diffuse for another couple weeks. I also started making an ink. Would love to give it a go at writing petitions when I finish it.


Along the workings with the demons I did a couple days ago, I have already been feeling power flow through me, channeling into many successful endeavors. I still have a few things to push through, but they’re not difficult, they just take time and patience, which I have plenty of. It’s been a while since I had evoked so many demons at once, it was nice to do it again. They have given me so much creative energy, as well, I have been writing like a madman and reigniting my love of art.

Meanwhile there seems to be a lot of success in my near future.

A friend got a new deck and offered to give me a reading, and one of my main “calling cards” so to speak came up: The Chariot. The main cards that have followed me throughout my life have been the Chariot, the Devil, and III of Swords. In this context she read for me that success is practically guaranteed for me in the near future.

I did a couple readings for myself, they say mostly the same thing. I have success in my endavors, though I need to lighten up and give me a reminder I don’t have full control. Honestly, my entire life, nearly every single important reading I have ever had has reminded me that my life is on a specific track. I don’t think hard about destiny, I think there are certain ways people become desperate to find “meaning” and “fate” and “destiny” in their lives, but I’m not one to fight supposed destiny either. I always go with the flow of things. I do think it’s always been funny, though, how the majority of my important readings remind myself that I am most definitely on a certain path and I should just let it happen when I simply don’t care to do much otherwise - readings have always been curiosities for me, not things I intend to outright change.


Astonishing.I really appreciate you for what you do and the way you do it


I totally feel this and it applies to my path, too. While I feel I could break free of it, I feel I would do myself a disservice by doing so.


Not a very magically inclined entry but wanted to make note of it for myself:

Been experiencing a lot of deja vu lately. For me, it is usually a sign that I am on the right path (even if it unsettles me at times by its frequency).

I also remembered I had my astrology chart read a few years back and this year is one of importance.

It’s really interesting seeing how my reader predicted so much that has happened. She didn’t say things exactly word-for-word, but looking back at the documents I can see clear as day exactly what the readings were referencing, now. She had written in the old chart prediction that this year / my current age will be of great importance, especially for relationships and developing friendships for the next couple years.

“Friendships are a revolving door for you, and I believe partnerships will be as well. Keep as many things as contractual as possible. Keep boundaries in your relationships. Realize that when these boundaries are broken, it can easily become the end of the relationship.” (…) “You may make friends with spiritual, religious, and/or educated types. You are the pursuit, and your friends are the knowledge. Together, you pursue knowledge.”

This will be a time that I will need to become more social. I usually prefer IRL friendships and general relationships over online ones - I like being online for killing time, but it does little for me when I feel heart-to-heart with someone I can be physically present with. Plus, online always has such a need for actual communication. I prefer to be more like a cat: existing in the same space as people I like, as people who interest me, observing them or simply being comfortable in their presence is much better for me.

I will try to be more social. This is probably the third time I’m referencing Mike_Bee’s reading for me, but he had read for me “this may be a lonely time but it will pass” as well as “there will be happy news, invitations to socialize, gossip and possibly romance in the air.” I find both of these important. I think I am currently in a mild period of social isolation for the sake of my aquarian nature, gathering knowledge and spirituality to reflect on myself and better myself, but I’m not necessarily feeling bad about it. It’s good to introspect. But I hope in the near future, as two separate readings from years apart have seem to point at, that I will be able to expand my offline social circle and refine my friendships to the degree I desire.