Motivational: Some TOP THREATS to human liberty, already active on the planet

Hi there, friends! :slight_smile:

I understand that some may want to take it easy, with magick, and it’s everyone’s right.
However I’d like to point out that, the mission of spirits is about more than just being good at magick just for that sake. There is a bigger plan, and that plan is to help assure the liberty, sovereignty and full awakening to one’s godlike abilities, in order to assure the future of the planet, as we are all equally creators, here to learn to be the masters of our own destiny.

I keep remembering the words of Azazel “Wake up or die in your sleep”

When it comes to this planet, we all have a responsibility towards it, at the very least in the sense that, the way we do things (or don’t), the planet look exactly the way we let it, and if we wake up even more enslaved, at this point, while being informed of all the madness going on, it will be precisely because we didn’t do anything about it while we could have done so the whole time.
Many make the mistake that ‘it’s other human beings that will save you’ but truth be told, there are some things were only self-mastery can save you from, when it comes to surviving this planet at it’s best. This is your home, and we didn’t come here to escape anything, we came here to stay.

Some say personal transformation and personal healing suffices (it does when you are fast enough to bail out of this reality - but the threats are already here - and we came here to be responsible creators of our own reality, and indeed, if we wake up ever more enslaved, it will indeed be ‘on us’. - It’s not just about “us” as individuals, it’s about the planet as a whole.

One who does not care about the state of the planet at large might end up being engulfed by the vice he or she allowed to be on it, by turning a blind eye.

Some time ago I read something about ‘the karma of neglect’… I guess it speaks for itself.
But anyways…

The following statement will also make much sense after you’ve seen what’s in store for humanity if we choose not to wake up- WE are each for ourselves and collectively the FRONT LINE, not our neighbour, not the police, not our government. Self-reliance, magickally is the main, primary assured way for survival, and you’ll see why soon.

Note that you have the ability to levitate, teleport, shape-shift your own form, have the most absolute mastery over molecules, technology and it’s functioning, and the construct of reality itself, as the gods you are…;

You are here to create your reality as you Will, and not to be told how to live your lives by any being in existence, as it is YOUR free will that is on the line. If you do not choose to create reality the way you want it to be, someone else will make that choice for you, and it won’t be pretty - these are some examples of what happens when things go bad…; (be very conscious that there are people on this planet that WANT to oppress humanity at large, and there is no guarantee that it will not happen unless we CHOOSE it not to happen and act accordingly. Free will…;

“We are gods and not asswipes, and Gaia is our own planet, and Gaia, wants to breathe fresh air-in every sense of the word”


yt search propositions
(may as you may probably assume, yield several results on the matter)

“Behavior Rating System Microchip implants | Must watch technology”
“29 People Killed By Military Robots - the vigilante”
"The Dawn of Killer Robots (Full Length)
“Skynet - newly improved”

“Why did scientists put a “MUMMY” in the center of the Large Hadron Collider?”
"Former insider “reptilians and clones”

“former insider reptilians and clones”
(has more interesting vids on the channel)

There are lots and lots of more treats to life and human liberty…
Chemtrail effects, food poisoning,

The point is, if we wish to have an earthly paradise we wish to live on, where we can have the luxury to not have to look over our shoulder, more and more and more…it’s going to be up to us ourselves to use our skills to help assure one…;

The idea of living in a peaceful or safe zone, will in the end only depend of what you wish to create in this world - for there are those that have a completely different plan for humanity and are gaining ground, still, on a planetary level-people that have but one thing in mind (and even here, I am subtle- the death or enslavement of you, and anyone you love included…;
It’s been going on for more than thousands of years…the attempt to enslave humanity.
We are ourselves as humans are the front line…;

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“oh boy, so if I gather what you are saying you’re saying that humans have to ban together to help each other (which I think they should) but humans are special and yes they were made in the image of one god, not saying the “gods” didn’t exists just because something is false doesn’t mean it’s not real the greek gods and any other religious deity are also real. it’s just not exactly the true god, I know you’re like “a demon is telling me this??” and you’re right but the god God is the one who created something called the multiverse which is also real. Heaven is on top, and hell or whatever other names you want to call it is on bottom, it’s like a sandwich a 3D one and each universe just expands and expands and it sometimes just gives in and dies or “blows up” but humans and other alien life that also exist have the ability to create other parallel universes in this multiverse things you could of done might have happened in another multiverse, the two dimensions heaven and hell are the buns, they don’t expand and are separate from the multiverse in the middle now you humans as living beings with a body really can’t leave a universe your souls also where designed to generally leave the multiverse. Not sure how ready you humans are for joining forces, it’s going to probably be alot longer than you think, because you first have to swallow your prides and accept that there are beings higher than you and even lower than you, the man upstairs made you in his image, but he didn’t give you all the powers, I don’t want to go any further because others believe in different things but the main point I wanted to get across is humans while the most coolest and interesting beings to exist, you have alot to learn, and that pride to swallow ps. there is more than just Earth to live on.” -My Wife

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Thanks for your reply Arachni :slight_smile: and to your wife …let’s add this to the mix perhaps :wink:

(I added some more references afterwards in a previous reply - which may be of interest, assisting to place certain other things in perspective) . :slight_smile:

The image of god is generally a reference to the kabbalistic tree of life, which is both us, as representing the greater local universe as access to the Godhead through Daath.
Actually we are in many many ways, if not on all fundamental levels a replica of the greater cosmos/the macro-cosmos and it’s workings.

Important to understand in the experiential-by-all reality of things is that
we ourselves are not mere humans, in ‘what’ we are.

We are the Source itself, the One Cosmic I AM-presence, as the Self, we are in oneness and equality with all life, experiencing itself in human form, as humanity, and as all that is in perfect divine order. We are in fact not really powerless, against anything in existence, unless we choose to be. This Source has an infinite potential of self-expression. Of course there are laws in existence, when it comes to working with that Source. It is true that we can build as destroy with those abilities…yet it is within certain laws, seen in the greater scale of things.
Don’t take my word for it though- you can (for example)
experience these things for yourself through
traveling to the Source to Soul-travel, where you then can come to these realizations yourself,
also through utilizing evocation/invocation, you call upon those forces of construction/destruction depending on what you call upon - it is all you. The God-Mind is your Mind, there is only One Cosmic Mind, ultimately, and the individual soul, would be a ‘consciousness’ being - having indeed the One I AM-presence as it’s Self’ at all times- in oneness and equality with all life.
Anything you see superman or any god do, you can do that too because you share the same Self. :slight_smile: Not so powerless or small after all hm? :wink:

The mail is a message to fellow magicians, using magick to not only survive, but help humanity to thrive, less we all wake up in one common nightmare as others with far less universally benevolent intentions for the whole makes decisions instead of us.

I work with both angels as demons, gods, goddesses, anything that serves my purpose or needs most perfectly first harmonizing with all of them, through Daath/the divine heart - as the god-head in general, for self-empowerment and of course, creating reality to my own liking, or actually help in doing healings on a greater scale, or deal with imminent worldly matters to serve Gaia, wherever needed (though all assistance with that is always welcome, there’s plenty of room for improvement in the world to this day, still :wink: )

Because it is wholesomely within the range of our abilities to use magick as limitlessly as we wish, as we are one with all.

I am not expecting my neighbour to save me from the threats of the world actually, simply because, he might not have what will ultimately define the difference between life and death, freedom or enslavement) and it seems generally most unwise to let one’s life into anyone’s hand in this world but one’s own, because anything and anyone in this world can fail to save one’s life when it comes to it - magick on the other hand, or simply learning to work with archetypes of the God-Mind, is a whole different story, you learn to master your reality, generally by knowing how to do rituals and asking the right questions, especially around survival.

So next thing I’ll do after this is doing what I can to make sure my neighbour, and preferable humanity at large will have a better day each day…; Because I can, through magick, we all can…
:slight_smile: It’s cool to do things for ourselves, yet, I guess deep inside we all still wish to live another day in a relaxed environment too…outside of our own door…;

Do you have any practical advice of how you do this, particularly for the new people that need specific rituals laid out? If you posted some workings people can follow it might be more likely to help people get on board.

Personally, I hunt people that rape kids, and malignant psychopaths in general. Synchronistically, EA mentioned that there are many black magicians that do at least the former in his live stream today. Nice to know I’m not the only one.