Moths Question

Does the appearance of a moth have anything to do with Lucifer, or vice versa? Serious question. I got real serious with him tonight and performed a different ritual. I was clear what I want, and that I’m claiming he is my lord, as I’ve always wanted him to be but was too afraid. Just as I finished my intentions and wants, a moth came flying out from behind the canvas I painted his sigil on. It distracted me for a bit too. The air in here felt really heavy and I could feel pressure or the slightest breath in my ear… like he was trying to speak to me but i don’t think my astral senses are strong enough yet. Anyway, the moth. Does it mean anything or is it just a moth

Strong sign of success. Moths are symbols of awareness, knowledge and power.


I hope so. I’ve been trying really hard to connect with Lucifer on a deep level.

Moths are of very huge significance to me. Even have one tattooed on my left arm.

Trust me, from a student of his to another.

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