Mother Mary and Asmodeus and Lord Satan and Kali

Can I pray to mother Mary and Asmodeus , Kali and Shiva at the same time? . I love all of them. Even Lord Satan helped me once. I need help. I am not attached to deity Jesus, but mother Mary, I love her a lot .

You pray to and honor those who call to your soul. From my own experience there hasnt been an issue with praying to opposing forces. Just don’t evoke or invoke them at the same time as the energy may be very conflicting and disorientating.


I managed to work with Michael and Asmodeus at the same time, so I don’t see why there would be a problem there. Just don’t have them together and if you decide to incorporate them into your magickal workings make sure everyone is okay with it. Best of luck!

In my personal experience, I don’t think Kali Maa and Satan get along

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I don’t see why not. As StrengthenedWarrior mentioned, there are some conflicts in the Spirit world so maybe check with them seperately?