Mother Lilith

recently i’m so interested in Lilith, i do some research on her, and when i say the name “Mother Lilith” i feel very warm, but i read that she only work well with female (i’m a guy), and use male followers only for “fuckpuppet” and just want to take their sexual energy, is it true?


I appreciate your concerns, however
Lilith works well with both sexes.

Just approach her with respect; so you will do with every other being you work with.

She is not only into all those things you commonly know her for, she also teaches other awesome stuffs and can help you with almost all what you want.

Be open minded, you will be surprised what you could learn from her.

Use the magnifying :mag: glass and check for other people’s experiences.


can you recomend me the right source or books where i can learn about her?

I will not prefer book on this since you are just starting up.
Search on the forum, you will find all the information you will need even want.

There are also personal experiences of members here which makes BALG a gold.


Everything about Lilith from Tempel of the Ascending Flame :fire:


She is very many things. She loves Her children and She shows it. If you feel She is calling you, answer Her call.


I see her as a mother as well. I can’t invoke her because my mom is religious and have stuff like that around the house and obviously im not religious. Don’t know if Lilith will get mad at me for my mom’s stuff.


I am pretty sure She won’t. Your heart and your intent is what matters to Her.


I just laughed so hard at “fuckpuppet”. Lilith can be very kind and loving. She’s just an independent female :woman_shrugging:t2:


that’s why i’m asking here, because when i search Lilith on internet, there is so much article that say how bad she is, and people on reddit that talk shit about her and talking about how dangerous she is :sweat_smile:

Lilith is more than just just mentioned for sexual energy, that’s more for lonely occult boys, Lilith has much much too her than that.


She’s a demon so she isn’t all sugar and spice, but like all of us she has good and bad. I haven’t really worked with her much, but I do need her help with something. So I am going to be asking her for help soon. Just treat her with respect as you would want it yourself. I have you ever felt kindness from her (but I am also female). If you are pulled to her talk to her. She would be the best to tell you how she is.


“lonely occult boy” :sweat_smile:


ok then, thankyou for your advice :blush:

Lol not aimed at you but like generally speaking you’ll find a lot of those kinda dudes when they mention Lady Lilith xD


Tbh i want to experience the sexual part too, but above all, i want Her guidance, i’m drown to her.

Same here. When I think about her, I feel very good. She inspires my art very much.


I do not believe that most spirits particularly care about your gender as much as how you approach them. I currently am working with Lilith myself and am a guy. While I definitely could see that she is not one I would want to be on their bad side, she is definitely not within the limitations the Hebrew stories put on her. She has been a big help with dealing with things from my past I needed to, as well as ideas for different things to try with magic. Highly recommend working with her, regardless of your gender

Edit: Baal Kadmon has a few videos about her on YouTube if I recall correctly. He is not only a historian but has worked with her as well, as pretty much everything he writes about.


thankyou Tiberius, i will check on that youtube channel.
can you share some your story about working with Her? in what aspect did She help you?

I actually have been writing about it in my journal here.

But to give you it in a nutshell, I have some issues with both emotional and physical intimacy that has bled into both the bedroom and just interacting with people in general due to abuse and other traumatic events in my past. So, she has been helping me with going back through those memories and reclaiming myself. I am still fairly new working with her as far as learning magic goes, but she has shown me an interesting approach to draining energy beyond just keeping it for myself. I actually plan on working with her sister as well when my wife and I begin working with the Qliphoth together.