Mother Killer - Ouajia Board Segment


Dude, aka E.A.

Totally weird segment in the video.

3 questions have come up.

1 - why did your friend have to suffer like that… Just by making contact? Was that the reason?

2 - do spirits from a seance that I have had in my space remain connected, because that is what I understand from the video

3 - does this Satan or Sastan have black ribbons/tentacles for ‘wings’ because it is something I have seen at my bed side trying to pull out my heart chakra, and soon after my mother had one one of the worst and freak accidents…

Just some questions from the video


Could you post the link of the video?


Mundopincha - That video is in the Mastering Divination Course.


Ready for alot more people to be able to evoke


I wondered about this too Vagelli… Was EA saying he felt it really was ‘Satan’ however we define that spirit…Or was he saying it was a malevolent spirit pretending to be Satan but who still possessed the lads mother? And in either case are spirits ever this whimsically malicious? I wasnt really sure what the message of the anecdote was other than experimenting with spirit contact can be really dangerous…


i think that the message of the anecdote is not to provoke the entity.


Ah, I don’t necessarily believe that it was “Satan” speaking to him, but it was indeed a malevolent spirit… and one that followed me for at least a couple years after that. It was the first spirit I contacted, and could sense and sometimes see around me at a young age.

The biggest issue that we came across was spirit obsession.

I’m not sure what to draw out of the fact of the “suicide” correlating with the timeframe, honestly.


EA, is this the same spirit you mentioned in a book of yours, the one you and your friends asked if he could kill the girl from your school, when you saw her in a mall, and her aura started going muddy and she got sick?