Most reliable sources for learning Tarot card reading

Greetings everyone…I hope you are having a magickal day.

I want to start practicing Tarot reading ond use it guide myself along the LHP…can anyone recommend a good place to start researching information? Many thanks in advance[poll type=number results=on_vote min=1 max=20 step=1 public=true groups=trust_level_4]

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There are tons of books on the subject, so try Google.

There is also EA’s Mastering Divination course which takes you through many different types of divination, but focuses primarily on tarot.


Thank you…I shall look at those recommendations

Besides recommended books here and on Google, here are certain sites which I found very helpful ever since I began doing Tarot:

  • - Various educational and experience-based threads about various decks and other divination topics. Been part and even became one of the readers of this forum and honestly, I learned SO MUCH from both Thirteen (you can search her definitions of the cards, truly one of the best interps IMO) and other members. Even though the site shut down years ago, they’ve retained all the info there so feel free to search and read to your heart’s content.

  • - From keywords, one-liners to keep in mind for the cards to detailed interps and even a background story for each of 'em, this is my usual go-to site when I’m at a loss for interps. Also provides insights and other alternative interps which I’ve never considered before… and turns out to be correct when I apply it.

  • - If you want to learn more of a real-life experience based interp/meaning for the cards, especially if it’s a love reading. Zahara here explains all the cards’ meanings in a quick, simple and very relatable way.

Goodluck on learning tarot, OP!

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Thank you for those links…much appreciated

Lon Milo Duquette has awesome books on tarot


The first thing you should do is buying a deck you like :slight_smile: :crystal_ball::red_gift_envelope:

Look at the cards and think about them - what do you see? What kind of feelings give the different pictures to you?
Shuffle the cards in your hands for some time to get a good connection.
Then try to do a reading. Start with a simple past present future spread for example and try to interpret the cards with some help from a book or booklet or the internet or what you find helpful.
I think you learn a lot by trying it when it comes to tarot readings.

Best of luck :four_leaf_clover:


I shall take a look at that …thank you

I am a tarot reader also I have created my own deck
I also give lessons mostly on my country

The thing is I recommend you understand first the different schools of tarot

As the marseilles school differs from raider waite school or thoth school

I would say marseilles based tarots works better for predictive readings
But raider waite is better for therapeutical readings

So you should investigate the differences between those decks specially as many of the other decks are based on them

You can learn from different systems but to start i would reccommend to specialice in one first focused on what suits you best


Lots of books by Cicero, Wang, many others.

Lots on the internet and here, too

You gave to pick up bits and pieces yourself.

The different interpratations are contradictory if you look for words only.

You have to draw on your intuition.

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That’s so interesting!
I didn’t work with Marseilles so far. I didn’t know it might be better for future readings. As a lot of people have questions about the future this is very interesting.
I love my raider Waite tarot decks <3 but now I think maybe I should also take a look at Marseilles :thinking:

Raider waite in a way place a possitive approach as an advice of the cards
As marseilles is more raw situations
So for example the simbolism of the fool in marseilles speks of a quite bad situation in life
But the fool in raider waite gives you a brigh aspect of potential energy a new begining etc in a way the fool in both is an ignorant an impulsive character
But thats that in marseilles raider waite also portrais the potential of this character
So in a way for predictive readings the raw situations are better
But for terapeutical is better each card has an advise by their own


Personally, I learned (am learning) Tarot from Tina Gong’s website Labyrinthos Academy. The descriptions of the cards are very practical and accurate, and there are many different spreads available for many different situations, such as love, business, and more general divinations.

I’ve also been reading 78 Degrees of Wisdom by Rachel Pollack, which has been helping me deepen my knowledge of the cards.

I have also heard good things about EA’s courses, as well as Orlee’s on the Tarot. BALG also has the Oraculum Leviathan available for purchase (created by Asenath Mason and Bill Duvendack), a deck with a special focus on LHP imagery and philosophy.

There are so many great resources available nowadays, so make sure that you don’t get caught up in all the different options. I’d pick the one that appeals to you most and just start practicing.

The cards themselves will teach you more than anything or anyone else.

You guys have certainly given me avenues to explore…thank you for your advice…stay safe and blessings to you all

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