Most powerful spiritual entity for offence and one for defence

Need to work with one, you name it, from Norse to Ars Goetia, from angels to demons. Who is the very strongest, so strong that your enemy will plan to never retaliate again and will beg for mercy for life with no one to turn to. Not even a single bit comes in his mind about revenge. If he does think on revenge which spiritual entity for defence (ricochet to its caster) is the best, from Norse to Ars Goetia and from angels to 9 demonic kings you name it.

All of them have their own means of offensive and defensive knowledge, it cannot be gauged by most “powerful”

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If things were like that, we would be all duotheistic

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No you know the ones to make them suffer and to beg for mercy types of offence, I know there are others with good offences but I’m looking for one who can give lifetime anxiety attacks till he begs for mercy

Lol yeah

“Most powerful” is completely relative.

Could you list out names please

Forcalor can do both offense and defense. He can destroy magick directed at you and also physically hurt others

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Nice one I’ve already looked him up. Thank you.