Most powerful spirits of Hellfire

There is an ancient spirit of the Void called Brunstable. Shiva and Kali (two void spirits) told me about him. He has 500 legions. He’s not allowed to incarnate with the watchers he’s so powerful and he’s stuck in the Void. Allah told me Mammon is even more powerful than him. These are the two most powerful spirits of Hellfire. Brunstable was created as Beresebek. According to Yehovah, Mammon is the most powerful spirit of Hellfire. He clearly knows something. After all he created them.


Hmm. Rarely hear people talk about communicating with beings like Allah or Yehovah. Interesting


Fun stuff. You planning on doing anything with them?


I did a blood rite with Beelzebub, Brunstable (Beresebek), and Mammon. Gained a lot of power from it. Yehovah’s a good guy man. Catholics got him all wrong. He tells me which entities to go to for dark sorcery. Apparently the only sorcery that can get you thrown into Hellfire is child sacrifice. According to Yehovah he even sacrifices humans. The Church doesn’t know this yet. Wait til they find out! AHHAHA


What is a void spirit?

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Most people on here see Yehovah from a gnostic point of view and the enemy of the infernal empire. What are your thoughts about it?


Allah tells me all fallen angels are coming home to Heaven soon. Angels spill blood and offer it to demons sometimes. He’s not the enemy. They like each other still. Apparently he forgave Satan for trying to take the Throne of God many years ago.


Sorry, but am I the only one thinking u sound a bit off? I may be wrong. Allah-Muslims, Yehovah- Christians. Those 2 beings as we know it are different. Yehova is against fallen angels. How would he refer u to them when allegedly he wants christians to have nothing to do with them? Plz clarify.


I thought Lucifer did that. :eyes: again, correct me if I’m wrong. Satan and Lucifer aren’t the same beings.

The bible is written in angelic tongues. He isn’t against fallen angels. He is just against some of their practices. He is against child sacrifice. Islam, Judaism, and Christianity all have the same God. Elah Yoctavayoh (Yehovah Elohim). Through rituals with Elah I have learned that he calls himself Yoctavayoh. In angelic tongues that means Elah.


Interesting. I can’t say much about Islam though. Just basic comparisons.

I honestly cannot come up with single black magician or sorcerer on this floor on that is for child sacrifice, indeed, Lucifer tells me that he is extremely against child sacrifice, and most of the 72 Fallen are extremely against child sacrifice, with only a few exceptions.

Do tell what Spirit you came across that is okay with child sacrifice.

This is the reason that I am against magickal overspecialization, in Narrows your view, and makes it to where you have no insight into other systems, which means that you wind up having bizarre ideas regarding those other systems.

It’s like never doing anything in Voodoo, but thinking that you know everything about it, or never going anywhere near the abyss, but having something to say about it. I don’t know much about Voodoo, so I don’t fucking talk about it.

However, I have been diving through the abyss with Amaymon, and thus, I have a pretty decent idea of what’s going on there, so I can write with some Authority about it.

Not trying to tell you how to live your life, I’m not trying to tell you what schools is Magic to practice, I’m not even telling you that you need to stop working with the being that you’re working with, but with the simple fact that pretty much every other Magician on this forum, including the people who work primarily, and exclusively with angels is going to disagree with you, maybe you need to recheck your statements.

Yep… pretty powerful!

And hey…

Mmm… You may believe that, but I think V.K. Jehannum’s thorough research and opinion is worth looking into…

Alright, so if you were a tribal war god who wanted to be venerated as if you were the only deity and existence, what type of shit would you tell your prophets about the group of incomparably powerful demon-gods whose agencies are or appear to be cornerstones of this universe’s creation and sustained existence? You’d definitely wanna downplay the fuck out of them, right? If Jehovah wants to pretend that he created Satan, and that Satan once served him, and that Satan rebelled because he basically wanted to be Jehovah, what do you think Jehovah would tell his prophets about the demon-gods who played a role in the manifestation of the causal realm? Let’s imagine that for a moment, shall we?

Jehovah is just a tribal war god who pulled off a massive scam, and Han Solo is just a war hero.

Jehovah sucks…

You can’t use Jehovah to bind demons if you’re gonna be a Satanist. I’ve covered most of the Goetic demons if that helps– and I’m told I cover them better than most authors. Just Google “V.K. Jehannum [name of demon]” and you’ll probably find an article.

I call now upon the wrathful spirits of the Lord of the Earth: manifest on this plane and slaughter any spirits of Jehovah which are present!

He (?) can strengthen the magickian’s astral double and render her completely and totally immune to the influence of Jehovah (easily at that).

Haniag Bael destroys the initiatory spirits of Jehovah and all those who would impose upon the forces of the Nightside.